Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Victoria B, Back To Brown

Victoria Beckham has been out on the town showing off her new hair colour, and why wouldn't she?? it looks fantastic!!

Here are just a few pictures of her hair back to brunette, while celebrating halloween with her kids, appearing on the Ellen Degeneres show and being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on KIIS FM.

Is this a cowboy boot revival?

Both Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan have been spotted recently stomping around at their leisure in non other then cowboy boots!!!

Yes the same boots that Sienna Miller made infamous and every department store picked up on and every teeny bopper picked up!

Ok lets not be too harsh here, i suppose I'm being judgemental because to tell you the truth i cannot pull of cowboy boots if my life depended on it, i just feel so awkward in them.

But i seriously hope, these don't come back anytime soon, because Jean Paul Gaultier's runway showcased a few and combined with celebrity power they may just be back in full force.

Victoria back to Brown

FINALLY!!!! I am so thrilled that Victoria Beckham has finally gone back the beautiful brunette that she once was.

I absolutely despised her as a blonde, purely because it made her look older and was never as flattering on her. I suppose it was about fitting into the whole LA scene, but hey, everyone looks better in their own elements, and judging by the colour in the pictures, the hair looks GORGEOUS!

Paris Hilton Halloween Costume

At first i wasn't surprised that Paris Hilton totally slutted up her Halloween costume on order to show of as much of her bodily functions as possible, but when i discovered she was actually dressed as 'Alice in Wonderland', well that took Disney to a whole nother level.

I really cannot recall my mother reading to at night, describing Alice "trotting through the forest wearing thigh high tights held up by dainty suspenders while cheekily revealing her ass cheeks to onlookers as she headed towards the Mad hatter's home".

i do not know were this girl gets her inspiration from, nor do i know why her mother, sister, family...anyone...actually lets her out in public dressed like that, but my fond memories of Alice in Wonderland are slightly scarred after these photos.

Notable magazine covers

Cate Blanchett is the cover girl of contemporary fashion magazine I.D's December issue, and my does she look exquisite, so exquisite in fact that she doesn't even look like herself.

Not that I'm saying Cate Blanchett is not exquisite, she is definitely one of Hollywood's top beauties, but this cover looks so high fashion, which just goes to show you the multi talent, that is Cate Blanchett-an actress, a spokeswoman, a mother and now a model.

One could only dream of possessing a fraction of the talent that Miss Blanchett has.

As for David Beckham's Arena magazine cover, nothing much going on there besides his absolutely gorgeous looks, sex appeal and well, he is my eye candy of choice ;)

Monday, October 29, 2007

Drew Barrymore is a Gucci Goddess

I am so pleased Gucci has picked Drew Barrymore as the face of the new Gucci Fine Jewelry collection.

She is the first celebrity to feature in a Gucci campaign and a not so obvious celebrity choice at that, but she looks absolutely magnificent and makes the jewelry look even more beautiful.

Celine Dion still looking good

Extraordinarily talented songstress, Celine Dion, is still looking great after years away from the spotlight while shopping up on Sloane street in London.

I actually really like her outfit, although it's pretty much grey, but its interest is brought through her layering. And it's cute how shes matched her bracelet to the colour of her sunglasses.

A quick question, does this women not put on weight??? She looks just as thin as she did back in the day, that lucky thing.

Angelina Jolie and Maddox

Angelina Jolie took Maddox out toy shopping this week to spend some quality mother and son time together.

Ok it was more of a toy shopping spree, but either way Angelina Jolie looked casually chic doing it, wearing her signature pencil skirt and black tank with ballet flats and Michael Kors MK 526 sunglasses (thanks to Flashy shades for the info on the sunglasses).

If only we could all look so good so casual...

Star Spangled Season

Stars definitely seem to be a prominent print on the runways this season, with Chanel going all Patriotic on us with Stars and stripes, while Anna Sui used stars for accessorising purposes only with scarfs, brooches and bangles.

Previous seasons saw Viktor & Rolf going all out with the theme as seen on their flamboyant star printed shirts, skirts and tuxedos.

Thandie Newton was also seen this week wearing a discreet starry handbag, while Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell opted for cute shirts. will be interesting to see if this become a mass trend.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Obsessed with Victoria Beckham

Umm you've got to be f***** kidding me! right Ex-UK Big Brother housemate, Chanelle Hayes is still copying Victoria Beckham's outfits to the point of no return.

The infamous Victoria Beckham copy cat has previously been seen trying to replicate Victoria Beckham's outfits, and this time Chanelle has had a dress tailored to look like the Herve Leger dress Victoria wore to the Marc Jacobs show this season.

She even wore her hair the same and accessoried with a purple purse and purple peep-toes.

This girl needs some serious help. I wouldn't be suprised if she officially changes her name to Victoria Beckham-oh wait, i better not give her any ideas.

Check out the other times Chanelle has tried to copy Victoria, here and here.

Black is Back

While the runways may be promoting brighter hues of Spring, many celebrities are opting for the darkest hue of them all-black.

It must be a subconcious readiness on the part of celebrities to get into the stark tones of fall, with Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes, Carmen Electra, Reese Witherspoon, Tana Ramsey, Victoria Beckham and Mandy Moore all decking out in head to toe black-accessories included.

The other ladies who rocked up in full on black this week, included Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Kate Winslet. except these girls have an excuse as they were attending the Hugo Boss Black Label Party - how appropriate.

Who Wore it Better? Marc Jacobs Resort dress

Although this particular Marc Jacob's dress is not one of my favourites, it still caught eye of fashion icon Victoria Beckham.

Victoria opted for a bright green version of the beige dress seen on the runway. To me, the dress on the model doesn't look particularly appealing, but i think the green version looks a bit like banana leaves or a Palm tree. Love Victoria's mini Hermes Kelly bag thought :)

Who do you think wore it best, the model or Posh Spice?

Spring 2008 Trend- Blood Orange

Blood Orange was a colour seen on many runways this season.

From Louis Vuitton to Antonio Berardi to Lanvin, this shockingly deep orange was definitely a key color for Spring 2008 in the eyes of many designers.

The colour is still very summer but perhaps more seductive than yellow.

While this may be a colour for Spring, many celebrities have already embraced the colour including Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Connolley, Cate Blanchett and Megan Fox.

She's Miss Coordination

Victoria Beckham sure loves to coordinate her outfits, and it was no different when she arrived in London this week with Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

Wearing a smock dress with orange detailing, she also picked up the color in her shoes and her orange Hermes Birkin bag. This love of matching has certainly rubbed off on Mel B who wore a black dress with matching red boots and scarf.

I suppose matching is the safest way to make sure you look put together.

Zhang Ziyi and Kate Bosworth Fendi Show

The "Most interesting Outfit" award would have to go to Zhang Ziyi and Kate Bosworth. These two looked wild in their black and white fur concoctions. At the Fendi show, they both kept their outfits short and bulky with slicked back hair and dark eyes.

Alot of people probarbly hate their looks, but i kind of like it!

Friday, October 19, 2007

ohhh whats this is see??

Are the Olsen twins in fact moving away from their love of monochrome clothing and into the various other shades that exist on our earth?

Ashley Olsen looked super cool at the Christian Louboutin Welcome Party, wearing a gorgeous tan leather jacket, over well layered neutrals, skinny jeans, and studded Christian Louboutin Ariella ankle boots all topped off with a two tone Louis Vuitton scarf...oh and how could we forget Ashley's favourite lust worthy Vintage Fendi bag?

Victoria Beckham out and about with Little Cruz

It amazes me how Victoria manages to make a tank and jeans look so polished and put together, but what i like most is she is one of the few celebs moving away from skinny jeans.

Although skinny jeans are sleek, like all trends, it gets tiring to wear over and over again. So I'll be bringing out my straight leg and boot leg styles soon, but unlike skinny jeans these styles only seem to look good on me when I'm wearing heels...ahhhgg the dilemmas of being short!

Oh and the sunglasses Victoria seems to be wearing in the second photo seem to be a new model, purple with gold detailings in the centre and this a preview into what we might expect in her new season DVB collection??

To cut or not to cut?

Well it's heading into summer in Australia, and every summer it seems that female population change their hair colour or hairstyle in order to suit the season. Brunettes go blonde and long hair piles up on the hair salon floor.

Well last year it was my long locks on the hairdressers floor, and with that came a regrettably short hair do which is still trying to grow itself out.

Although i regretted it, i am contemplating on getting it cut again because I'm kinda sick of my hair, but I'm not sure...celebs like Gwenyth Paltrow and fashion guru Anna Wintour, seem to have stuck to the same style for years and it has now become their signature style.

So should i just stick to my long locks which seem to work for me, or is that kinda boring?

Hilary Duff at Los Premios MTV Latin America

Oh i have been neglecting my blog a bit because assignments are taking over all my spare time these days, but today i needed to take from the workload so I'm blogging away!
anyways can i get a collective "Damn!"? Is it just me or does Hilary seem to get better looking by the day? Hilary performed at the Los Premios MTV Latin America awards wearing a very sexy body hugging piece, that worked wonders for that booty!

Its actually nice to see a Hollywood starlet making a living from what their famous for rather than being splashed all over tabloids every other day! Love you Duffster!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Victoria Beckham Sex on Legs!!

How hot does Victoria Beckham look in these pictures from Paris Fashion Week?? Wearing a complete black ensemble accessorised with DVB sunglasses, Christian Louboutin shoes, and a Louis Vuitton Lockit bag in croc (love at first sight).

Loving the slicked hair, very Posh indeed!

Pete Wentz looking mighty fine

Usual pictures of this guy just pass me by, but i couldn't help notice how cool he looks in his black blazer and sporting around a Louis Vuitton Damier Keep All bag.

Maybe its just a rarity for me to see a male carrying around a Louis Vuitton bag (unless I'm browsing Bryan Boy's blog)
Either way im digging his whole outfit as well as the bag!

Latest Trend: Brought to you by Kelly Osborne

ALERT! Kelly Osbourne has brought the world the latest trend direct from Hollywood! This season it's all about matching outfits with your favourite little pooch.

Yep that's right, if your pooch feels like wearing a navy blue hoody, you be better be prepared!

If you didn't notice, i was kidding! But i have to admit Kelly Osborne's little Pug sure does look cute in his little gangsta get-up...just look at that face...

As for Kelly, she could have done without spending her savings on that "$2 storage bag look-a-like" Louis Vuitton bag.

Cindy Crawford's Mini-me

Cindy Crawford took her daughter Kaya to watch Mary Poppins and this picture is proof that Supermodels make cute kids, isn't her 6 year old daughter already strikingly pretty??
Maybe we have a little supermodel on our hands 10 years down the track..

Victoria Beckham Stills from Ugly Betty

Oh the stills from Victoria Beckham's upcoming appearance on Ugly Betty look very interesting.

Victoria's character looks dominatingly fabulous with a hint of bitchiness, and that's exactly what producers want!

Can't wait until it airs next month!

Britney Spears out shopping

I think Britney's recent contact with her mum Lynn Spears is having a good effect on her.

Britney headed out for a day of shopping looking surprisingly covered up, wearing a beautiful navy blue satin top, aviator shades and flare jeans...

Hope Brit Brit is turning her life around...we want original Britney back!!!

Madonna Madonna Madonna

Enough with the track pants already!!! I am sick of seeing Madonna look like her life is a constant gym workout. Would it hurt the girl to put on a nice top and jeans and perhaps a puff of make up?

Surely the jeans, tee and flats look would be just as comfortable (and easier on the eye) than a trucker hat, matching trackies and the tacky two-tone sunglasses she designed for H&M.

Sorry, but this whole unkempt thing Madonna has going on is really getting to me!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Model Style Anja Rubik: Wide Leg Pants

I know Anja Rubik is going for the funkier, cooler image this season with her new crop and all, but i really don't know what to make of these wide leg pants she's sporting.

I like the hair, the leather jacket and the idea of combining them with wide legs, but perhaps these pants are just a little too baggy for a teeny tiny model?
Maybe she should have got mummy to pinch them in a little before she left home.

Angelina Jolie: Name These Shades!

I love these sunglasses that Angelina Jolie was seen recently parading around in. The shape, the classic style, the coloring and the croc detailing is absolutely beautiful (ok maybe Angelina makes them look spectacular).

But does anybody have a clue who the designer is? I really wanna know!!!
I wont be getting my hands on them, but looking never hurt right?

Spring 2008: Alexander McQueen

When I first cast my eye upon the Spring 2008 Alexander McQueen show, Isabella Blow did not come to mind even though this collection was an outright ode to her fashion sense and generosity towards McQueen.
The large flamboyant bird wings on many of Alexander McQueen's pieces made me recall a purchase that blogger Agathe from Style Bytes had purchased on website Etsy. It was a large Fauna Parrot Necklace, that some may call ugly, while others, like myself, think is spectacular.

It's funny how designs from a International fashion show in Paris can make you think about a humble blogger all the way in Norway.

If you want quirky pieces, this is the online place to go, but be warned, it's not for everyone!

Fashion Week Attenders: Looks I love

Just one key piece or a shot of colour makes all the difference...

Spring 2008 Trend: Dark Palette

When i think of Spring usually flowers, bright colors and glorious sunshine and well...hay fever come to mind.

But it seems that many designers such as Yohji Yamamoto and Ann Demeulemeester are still still firmly holding on to their love of dark broody shades of grey and black.

Is it because their clientele cannot surpass a sole season without being draped head to toe in black or is it because it's purely an aim to remain classical? Whatever the reason, i think Spring/Summer is a time to bring gorgeous color back into my outfits which have been lacking throughout the winter months.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Runway Trend: Yellow

Yellow had been a major hit this summer with the Hollywood set, and for Spring 2008, it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

John Galliano, Elie Saab, Dsquared, and Louis Vuitton (the collection that was inspired by Sponge Bob..go figure) all included mass hits of Yellow.

From dresses, to jackets to bags, we'll be seeing a lot of yellow for Spring.

Fashion Week Attenders Trend: Indian jodhpurs

From the street of India to the race course to the Parisian Catwalks and back on to the streets, it is undeniable to say that Jodhpurs have had quiet the journey.

Thanks to the house of Balenciaga, who brought Multicultural looks back on the runway, many fashionistas such as Gemma Ward have been seen in ethnically influenced creations.

Now the streets of style are coveting Jodhpurs and teaming them with very classic looks and this trend doesn't seem to be slowing down with lust worthy houses such as Hermes, making Jodhpurs a key style.

Spring 2008: Hermes Runway

Hermes gave more than a neck cracking nod towards India, with turbans, jodhpurs, and sari styles working their way to the top of the clientele wish list.

This collection came across as a historical flash back with Indian culture and the British Military, only this time they worked together.

As always Hermes dished out luxury goods in luxury materials such as crocodile, snake and ostrich pink crocodile riding boots anyone?

Spring 2008: John Galliano runway

As always, a show put on by John Galliano is nothing less than what it is-a SHOW!

He didn't fail to create a visual spectacle for his audience, however, i didn't think his designs were creative or different to his past designs or any designs for that matter. The dresses were just floral prints with tiered chiffonery a bit everyday retail.

What i did love though was the attitude of the show and a gorgeous hot pink cropped leather jacket...oh I'm still drooling!

Fashion Week Attenders: Victoria, Dita and...Courtney?

Fashion week gets more mass attention for the celebrities attending then the actual designs themselves.

As usual Victoria Beckham and Dita Von tesse showed up looking more plastic fantastic then ever!

While Courtney Love looked surprisingly put together, chic and well..I'm impressed. I really hope she's getting her act together! However, i am surprised that she was even allowed to turn up to the Chanel Fashion show considering she was once famously caught wearing a fake Chanel Dress!

Nicole Kidman-New Line Cinema Gala

Our little Aussie super star, Nicole Kidman looked VA VA VOOM at the New Line Cinema Gala.

Wearing a chic fall length gown (with extra push and lift), Nicole is still making heads turn.

However, at the New York Film Festival, Nicole kept it innocent with a knee length dress, bow shoes, hair clip and all...Miss Nicole has still got it going on!!!

Vanessa Hudgens- bringing loose fit back!

The fall 2007 runways saw designer bringing flares back on the scene with designer such as Balmain and Jil Stuart designing pants with that extra bit of swing.

The full-on flare was embraced by celebrities such as Hilary duff and Rachel Bilson, but this season others have preferred a style in between.

Straight leg and light flares seem to be preffered by celebrities including high school musical star, Vanessa Hudgens, Victoria Beckham and Kate Bosworth.

It will be interesting to see what the new style will be, even though i still love my skinny jeans.

Melanie Trump and Barron Trump

I honestly think Donald Trump's kid is a designer baby!!!

You know the ones were you can pick what features they have, what eye colour, hair color etc etc...because how else in the world did Donald Trump make such a gorgeous Kid?!?

Oh wait...he married a young, hot, sexy model also known as Melania Trump!

Yummy mummy Melania was out at central park this with baby Barron, wearing a head-to-toe green which is usually hard to pull off, but she keeps it discreet.

Chanel Spring 2008: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson was a lot less daring when it came to her fashion choices at the Spring 2008 Chanel show.

She kept the look simple in black dress cinched in at the waist with a large beige belt.
At the after party she added a gorgeous pop of colour in a loose fitting hot pink knee-length dress.

Oh and Kirsten Dunst looks just as gorgeous, she looks better when she isn't trying so hard!

Fashion Week: Chanel Spring 2008

At first i wasn't a big fan of the Chanel Spring 2008, probably because the look was a lot different to many of their other shows, but it has really grown on me.

The looks were based around key elements of white, blue, red and stars and looked more like it was designed for the Chloe Sevigny/Nicole Richie-type of girl (which would be great for sales if seen on any of these girls.)

However, remaining true to the Chanel form, the collection included many classic pieces.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I think i have an addiction!

Ok i don't think this is healthy anymore, but i have bought three pairs of designer sunglasses in the past 2 and a half month's!

First it started with a pair of Gucci 2591/s sunglasses, then once my cravings were satisfied i purchased a pair of YSL 6107 sunglasses because of the Swarovski Crystal lettering.

Then i decided i needs a new pair for summer, so last week i made my dad (the enabler) go to the city to put in an order for a pair of Chanel 6023 sunglasses as seen in the last picture but in brown.

Mind you these three are not including chain store sunglass purchases and others on my shelf that have been left neglected or regretabbly sold on ebay. I swear i could make a collage with the number of sunglasses i have!

Anyways i have officially banned myself from buying anymore...well at least for a while!

Avril Lavigne 'HOT' music video

Avril Lavigne dons a very funky top hat with facinator and all in her new music video HOT. The hats hot...she isn't!

Fashion week Attenders Watch: Animal Print

As the saying goes 'Great minds think alike', and this was evident at the Spring 2008 Fashion shows, with many stylish women turning up in classic outfits which were given a little roar with the animal print accessories.

How about a wild animal print umbrella to shelter you from the rain or prehaps some Zebra striped points? Doesn't sound too bag ha?

Leopard and cheetah prints were most prominent from stylist Rachel Zoe's bag to a hot YSL Downtown bag, proving that style transcends trends and seasons.

Gwyneth Paltrow Shoe Booties

I went secondhand shopping the other day, when i came across a pair of shoe booties which i absolutely loved! They were my size, black and in as new condition.

BUT i resisted from buying considering the fact that i wouldn't have anywhere to wear them especially because it is nearly summer time and the tempreture has already began to hit 35 degrees.

Nevertheless when i saw Gwyneth Paltrow step out in a pair of patent grey one's this week as you know the temptation wasn't being curbed. So this morning i woke up bright and early and headed to the store and lucky for me they were still there!

I'll put up pics as soon as i find my camera!

Well here are just a few of my favourite, that i won't be getting my hands on anytime soon!