Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Paris Hilton Halloween Costume

At first i wasn't surprised that Paris Hilton totally slutted up her Halloween costume on order to show of as much of her bodily functions as possible, but when i discovered she was actually dressed as 'Alice in Wonderland', well that took Disney to a whole nother level.

I really cannot recall my mother reading to at night, describing Alice "trotting through the forest wearing thigh high tights held up by dainty suspenders while cheekily revealing her ass cheeks to onlookers as she headed towards the Mad hatter's home".

i do not know were this girl gets her inspiration from, nor do i know why her mother, sister, family...anyone...actually lets her out in public dressed like that, but my fond memories of Alice in Wonderland are slightly scarred after these photos.


andy said...

say wat u want about paris guys, but that bum looks like disney magic in my eyes!! :)

sarah said...

I am really, really offended by this. I love alice in wonderland, and it is my favorite disney movie. Paris just ruined it for me. Paris is, hands down, the biggest whore in hollywood.

Anonymous said...

There are many costumes you can buy at your local retailer that hookers up Alice and many other story book cartoons. Why pick on Paris when there are millions of similar costumes sold to fat ugly woman that show it off. At least Paris looks good in the outfit. I cant say that about the other women that purchase costumes like this!