Wednesday, October 3, 2007

When Celebs wear Past Seasons this Season

Celebs are known for making specific clothing pieces a must have amongst the masses. We had the 'it' bags, the 'it' shoes and the 'it' sunglasses, with the looks being seen on famous faces and then filtered down to local retail stores.

The Alexander McQueen skull scarf was no exception, the scarf that was seen on all the starlets was worn and tossed at seasons end, clearly proving that for many it was a purely a fad.

However, our lovely little Nicole Richie has incorporated the scarf into her own style by wearing it three seasons down the track, clearly telling us that "if you like it wear it!"


WendyB said...

I've got a great Alexander McQueen bag where the strap is made of a skull scarf and I'm not giving it up under any condition! If I gave that to a thrift store someone would snap it up in two seconds and be thrilled. I think it's more fashion victim-y to toss something out when you're told to, than to buy the thing you really like in the first place.

Shaz said...

Wendyb, it is defintely more fashion victim-y to toss out a bag or anything for that matter simply because others have. The bag sounds great, and if you ever come to australia don't hesitate to give it to my local thrift store..i'll be happily waiting ;)