Sunday, November 18, 2007

Spring 2008 Trend: Jumpsuits

Many of the spring runways had models showing off the 70's fashion staple- the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have the ability to look cheap, but i really like the way in which Versace (picture 1&3) has brought back the look-feminine and stylish without a hint of prudishness. I would definitely wear ones that resemble Versace. Whilst Chanel brought about younger versions inspired by the 90's.

Kate Moss was one step ahead when she rocked upto the Kate Moss for Top Shop Christmas launch party in a black satin jumsuit, although the look has been seen in many chainstore over the last few winters.
And is it just me or does the model Vlada in the second picture at the top have extremely thin legs?

Designer sunglasses ridiculously priced?

Over the last few years sunglasses have upgraded themselves to a must-have item thanks to designers adding sunglasses to their designer collections and strategic product placement on the likes of our favourite celebrities.

Back in the day (ok my mums day), it was ok to buy a pair of sunglasses from your local store, pharmacy or dare i say it? Gas Station. Fast forward a couple of years and its now necessary to have designer but extremely expensive designer.

Therefore, you've got fashion houses and celebrities designing their own versions, along with numerous counterfeit versions on the Internet.

In order to compete designers are adding bits and pieces onto sunglasses such as Austrian crystals, rhinestones, flash coating etc etc in order to justify the soaring sunglass prices.

But do you really think it's worth forking out $700 plastic with a few crystals here and there or have sunglasses truly reached the status of a designer bag or shoes?

Flashy shades blog also pointed Roberto Cavalli's Eva which retail for $640 while a pair of Judith Leiber sunglasses will set you back about $700.

Star Spangled Girl

We all know that Stars have been hitting the runway in the last few seasons but Kate Moss takes it to a whole new level.

These new ads in the making show Kate Moss and her funky new hair do wrapped and strapped in a stars from her starry white dress to star logoed shoes.

This is definitely one star studded outfit...ohh and what do you think of Kate Moss' new fringe?

Seventh on Sale Dinner Gala Fashion

The fashionable from all walks of life and all fashion tastes, rocked up to the Seventh on Sale Dinner Gala this week in some pretty interesting outfits...Jennifer Connolley(left) is known for her outrageously daring fashion sense, that this dress seems really tame to me, neverthless it got some pretty bad reviews describing the dress as plain ugly...what do you think? ya or nay?

As for Dita Von Teese, i absoultely loved her dress, it embodies every little girl's dream to grow up and dress like a princess. As for her face, i want to wash off all that paint, girls are more beautiful natural-including Dita!

Eve looks quiet underdressed when compared to Dita, and her outfits not bad but not particulary exciting least she's got those puppy paws showing on her...well..puppies ;)

Now to my favourite little twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Ashley Olsen looked absolutely elegant in her long slimline white dress, natural make-up and simple hair.

Whilst her sis Mary-Kate proved that their was no dress code for the event, by wearing a short bubble dress and Giambattista Valli's 'Victoria' shoe. Although she looked like a prostitute, i love both their outfits :)

Gorilla Suiting

It's Big, it's Black! It's hairy!!!
Each winter we see at least one fashionista wrapping up from the winter chills in a oversized furry black jacket, otherwise known as the 'Gorilla Suit'.

As usual it was the Brits with Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham daring to venture out in a look that others would happily avoid. However, for those who love the hairy look but don't want the excess why not do like Maggie Gyllenhaal and wear little furry shoulders to bring a little ape into your life?

If I'm going to wear the gorilla look i would do it all the way just like Miss Moss, so will you be donning the Gorilla look this winter?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Christian Louboutin Ariella Studded Boots

My favourite shoes of the season, without a doubt in my mind is the Christian Louboutin Ariella Studded Shoes. Although its heading into summer in Australia, it doesn't stop me from imagining myself trotting around New York in these sexalicious boots.

But i am getting more and more frustrated at myself lately wondering why i wasn't born a rich heiress or a child star, because if i had been, then i would be wearing these love-them-or-hate-them-shoes right now along with my celebrity BFF's Ashley Olsen and Model Coco Rocha...i guess some of us can only dream :(
If you love them and are lucky enough to get them you can purchase them online at Net-a-Porter for approximately US $1060. At the moment the black ones are sold out, but the fuchsia ones are pretty cool too...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Cruise Girls

I don't know what Tom Cruise feeds his women, but whatever it is these girls know how to dress.

His ex Nicole Kidman attended the Country Music Awards in a ravishing printed gradient dress by Alexander McQueen, while Tom Cruise's current leading lady, Katie Holmes wore an elegant midnight blue velvet gown this week.

Both these women always look elegant and show us that moms can be hotties too...

Shock in Pink and Red

Throw out whatever nanna told you about always complimenting your outfit with contrasting colors, these days in tinseltown it seems, clashing colours is all the rage, especially that of hot pink and red.

Thanks to the influence of Zac Posen's Resort collection, stylish celebs including Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow have stepped out in a few of his bright numbered ensembles.This week saw petite beauty Eva Longoria wearing this two toned trend, and looked just as good doing it.

What's your view on this color combination, love it or hate it?

Paris and Nicky Hilton in Japan

Paris and Nicky Hilton made time out of their busy shopping schedule to promote Designer, Samantha Tharvasa Bags in Japan.

By the looks of it, i think Paris Hilton's outfit got more attention then the bags themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for cute 60's dresses and coloured leggings, but the girl looks retarded. I'm also sick of seeing those massive sunglasses.

I think it would have been better off if she had gone to Africa for charity work (like she promised) rather than let the world cast their eyes on this outfit.

Her sister Nicky wore a similar style dress, but ditched the leggings and let her Chanel Fall 2007 buckle booties do all the talking. These much talked about Chanel shoes are definitely very girl and, perhaps may look better with a tougher outfit, but for now these shoes are definitely not my cup of tea.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Recent purchases

These are just a few of my recent purchases.
Shoe booties: Secondhand $4.00
Bag: Small asian handbag store near my home, $69.00
Red Clutch: $12.99
Purple wallet: $24.99, the ruching reminded me of Prada, so i had to get it.
Perfume: Dolce and Gabanna 'The One' bought by my boyfriend.
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs MJ 016 Scott aviators in Brown AU $201 from Otticanet, i think my colour is sold out now.

Victoria Beckham: The true recycler

Victoria Beckham once again recycles her exsiting wardrobe as she dons a silver Fendi tank in the new Spice Girls calender. She wore the same tank at the launch of dVb at Saks Fifth Avenue.

If your going to spend that much money on clothing, i'm guessing you would have to wear it more than once, in my case prehaps a 100 times.

If you want to see a few of Victoria Beckham's repeated past outfits click here.

Bras work wonders..

For those of you who thought Lindsay Lohan was super cool partying all night without a bra on and flinging her bra-less breasts at everyone, then you are surely mistaken.

The results of her actions can be seen in this photo, were at 21 her boobs are already starting to droop. Umm Lindsay, the belt up that high doesnt count as a bra, just thought i would let you know.

Angelina Jolie skinny mini

Umm how come nobody seems to bitch about Angelina Jolie being so ridiculously skinny? Ok magazines sometimes try to pick at it, but nobody seems to care.

Victoria Beckham always gets slammed for it, yet i think Angelina would have to be just as skinny. Maybe because the world loves Angelina and all her Charity work, that they have decided to turn a blind eye to it.
But she is looking rather gaunt at the set of her new film Changeling...

Britney Still hates her kids

I hate bagging on Britney, i really do, but she just keeps adding fuel to the fire, and makes it hard for anyone to ignore what she does.

The custody battle between Spears and Federline is at it's peak at the moment, with Kevin tarnishing Brits name as a fit mother. In order to prove herself, the court appointed the pop princess a few days to show them just how great of a mother she can be to Sean and Jayden.

Most people would think of this as a superb opportunity but when your Britney, chandeliers are worth more than children. In the few precious days that she could have spent time with her children, Britney decided that it was far more important to go shopping for chandeliers. She spent hours in the lighting store and kept her upset children in the car.

To make matters worse she asked the court appointed supervisor to supervise the kids while she shopped. The supervisor can make or break your custody battle, and Britney has most defintely damaged all her chances of getting her babies back anytime soon.

Not that she cares, because in Britney's eyes as long as your wearing Chanel 4157Q sunglasses, carrying a Hermes Kelly bag and shopping, shopping, shopping...then life is sweet....apparently...

If you want to read the original post go to the Idontlikeyouinthatway website.

Celeb Lust: Valentino Bags

Valentino has always been known for his ability to whip up dream creations that make any conscious women salivate, and this is no different when it comes to his handbag collection.

The bag that seems to be popping up on quiet a few celebs of late is the Valentino Pintucked bag as seen on Victoria Beckham and the Valentino Maison bag as seen on Nicole Richie and Molly Sims. They're both exactly the same except for one small detail-the Maison bag (the white one) does not have contrast stitching.

This bag will set you back approximately $2300 at Bergdorf Goodman, but if your lusting after a python skin version as worn by Katherine Heigl, then you better be prepared to folk out $3500. I really like this bag, but at 5 foot 1, the length of the bag is probarbly half my size, so if i could afford it, i probarbly wouldn't get it.

However, the red one is gorgeous, after all red is quinnesential Valentino..

Style Sirens go off at Screenings

This week both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Katie Holmes looked absolutely beautiful attending film screenings.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is making her way back into the limelight with fabulous outfits recently, and this is no exception. A mere mortal would find this dress very hard to pull off without looking maternal, but SMG pulled it off well, keeping the colors monochrome and polishing off with a pair of gorgeous patent Christian Louboutin heels (if anybody wants to buy me a pair, feel free ;)

As for Katie Holmes, she looked like a greek goddess at the Premier of Lions for Lambs, wearing a black one shoulder dress and a pyramid stud clutch.

The poor girl gets a bad rap quiet a lot, but I've been a fan of her since Dawson's Creek, so it ain't stopping now.

The Return of Jessica Simpson

After her divorce and her dried up relationship with John Mayer, Jessica Simpson fell into Hollywood's shadow, but now shes re-emerging and I'm loving it.

After all this is the girl that introduced me to the importance of status bags and open my eyes to a world where cotton bed sheets can cost well into the thousands.

Watching Newly Weds, led Jessica Simpson to become my 2nd girl crush of all time, after the Spice Girls back in the day. So this post is a dedication to my 2nd girl crush (or 6th if you don't count the Spice Girls collectively) and her style back in the day!

Rachel weisz- Fred Claus Premier

I really love the dress Rachel Weisz wore to the Fred Claus Premier. Although it was a pretty basic black and white dress, the fit and leather detailed bodice were very flattering and a bit more of a modern take on an otherwise safe and monochromatic dress.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Celebrities Heart Tom Ford Sunglasses

Tom Ford sunglasses are making a splash in celebrity la la land. From the unfit head-shaving mother, to the socialite, to the rehab addict and back up to the glamorous women of Hollywood, everyone's in L.O.V.E with Tom Ford Sunglasses.

Tom Ford Margaux seems to be the most popular celeb choice with Cameron Diaz, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hudson and Mischa Barton all being seen sporting a pair.

Although Tom Ford makes exceptional sunglasses, i absolutely hate the Tom Ford Anouk model that Nicole Richie and Kimberly Stewart have been seen in. The Tom Ford Anouk model was seen on the gorgeous Tom Ford Ads but the style doesn't really translate well in reality.

My Fav pairs would have to be the Tom Ford Camilla as seen on Monica Cruz (penelope Cruz' pretty little sister), and the Tom Ford Hawkings as seen on Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Olsen and Heidi Klum, they're too cool for school...

If you had to pick a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses, which pair would it be?