Monday, November 5, 2007

Britney Still hates her kids

I hate bagging on Britney, i really do, but she just keeps adding fuel to the fire, and makes it hard for anyone to ignore what she does.

The custody battle between Spears and Federline is at it's peak at the moment, with Kevin tarnishing Brits name as a fit mother. In order to prove herself, the court appointed the pop princess a few days to show them just how great of a mother she can be to Sean and Jayden.

Most people would think of this as a superb opportunity but when your Britney, chandeliers are worth more than children. In the few precious days that she could have spent time with her children, Britney decided that it was far more important to go shopping for chandeliers. She spent hours in the lighting store and kept her upset children in the car.

To make matters worse she asked the court appointed supervisor to supervise the kids while she shopped. The supervisor can make or break your custody battle, and Britney has most defintely damaged all her chances of getting her babies back anytime soon.

Not that she cares, because in Britney's eyes as long as your wearing Chanel 4157Q sunglasses, carrying a Hermes Kelly bag and shopping, shopping, shopping...then life is sweet....apparently...

If you want to read the original post go to the Idontlikeyouinthatway website.


Candid Cool said...

u know this reminds me of saying along the lines of just because you put lipstick on a pig, doesnt make it a lady.

its hard for me to imagine that someone could allow themselves to be that atrocious.

jenny said...

totally agree with the comment above. I don't know whats happened to her, but she is one of the biggest fallen stars in hollywood and it is very tragic.

I used to feel sorry for her, but now i don't know whether she does all this one purpose anymore...

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