Sunday, November 18, 2007

Designer sunglasses ridiculously priced?

Over the last few years sunglasses have upgraded themselves to a must-have item thanks to designers adding sunglasses to their designer collections and strategic product placement on the likes of our favourite celebrities.

Back in the day (ok my mums day), it was ok to buy a pair of sunglasses from your local store, pharmacy or dare i say it? Gas Station. Fast forward a couple of years and its now necessary to have designer but extremely expensive designer.

Therefore, you've got fashion houses and celebrities designing their own versions, along with numerous counterfeit versions on the Internet.

In order to compete designers are adding bits and pieces onto sunglasses such as Austrian crystals, rhinestones, flash coating etc etc in order to justify the soaring sunglass prices.

But do you really think it's worth forking out $700 plastic with a few crystals here and there or have sunglasses truly reached the status of a designer bag or shoes?

Flashy shades blog also pointed Roberto Cavalli's Eva which retail for $640 while a pair of Judith Leiber sunglasses will set you back about $700.


robby 1 said...

I agree it has got ridiculous i will pay a nice amount every once in awhile but i usually break them or loose them so i dont see the point of shelling out 700 but i shop for cheap vintage glasses online i found a new spot you should check it out if your into vintage

Eric said...

I can't imagine spending this much money on a pair of sunglasses. It's ridiculous. I can find great pairs for reasonable prices at the mall and pay less than $50.

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