Monday, November 5, 2007

The Return of Jessica Simpson

After her divorce and her dried up relationship with John Mayer, Jessica Simpson fell into Hollywood's shadow, but now shes re-emerging and I'm loving it.

After all this is the girl that introduced me to the importance of status bags and open my eyes to a world where cotton bed sheets can cost well into the thousands.

Watching Newly Weds, led Jessica Simpson to become my 2nd girl crush of all time, after the Spice Girls back in the day. So this post is a dedication to my 2nd girl crush (or 6th if you don't count the Spice Girls collectively) and her style back in the day!


Carolina Lange said...

She is looking good!

Anonymous said...

man shes hot!!
more posters of jessica please:)
great blog!

jessie said...

jessica simpson is so cute, she always comes across as very innocent and niave. All females loved her style, but im not liking that shes making a country music album, first dukes of hazzard now this..still love her though