Monday, November 5, 2007

Style Sirens go off at Screenings

This week both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Katie Holmes looked absolutely beautiful attending film screenings.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is making her way back into the limelight with fabulous outfits recently, and this is no exception. A mere mortal would find this dress very hard to pull off without looking maternal, but SMG pulled it off well, keeping the colors monochrome and polishing off with a pair of gorgeous patent Christian Louboutin heels (if anybody wants to buy me a pair, feel free ;)

As for Katie Holmes, she looked like a greek goddess at the Premier of Lions for Lambs, wearing a black one shoulder dress and a pyramid stud clutch.

The poor girl gets a bad rap quiet a lot, but I've been a fan of her since Dawson's Creek, so it ain't stopping now.


Carolina Lange said...

Katie looks amazing!

Candid Cool said...

is that her with david? they both look great.
interesting cardigan on david, i like the diamond detail going on.

In Yr Fshn said...

Katie is glowing, but I am really proud of SMG. She was faltering for a while. I don't love her dress, but she is just glowing. Lovely.

Lady N said...

OMG - I haven't seen SMG in forever! She always looks great!