Friday, December 7, 2007

Dior Grandsalon Sunglasses

The blingtastic pair of Dior sunglasses that were seen on Gwen Stefani a few weeks back, have popped up again on the eyes of another celebrity.

The $700 pair of Dior Grandsalon sunglasses were also seen this week on Hulk Hogan's 19 year old daughter, Brooke Hogan. Although i don't know much about her besides the fact that she's dating Aaron Carter and has breast implants, i really do think these shades suit her.

What do you think of these Dior Grandsalon sunglasses yay or nay? If it's a 'yay' you can purchase them online at Otticanet.


Seraphine said...

Do I like the sunglasses?
I'm not sure, they look
a little "bug-eyed" on
Brooke. It might be the
way light reflects on them,
or probably my mood. :P

Squirrel said...

I'm constantly losing sunglasses, so I think I'll skip the $700 ones!

Anonymous said...

These are stunning

Eric said...

They're definitely a "yay" in my book, but the $700 price tag is a "nay." I have found similar sunglasses at Banana Republic and the Gap.

Anonymous said...

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