Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Natalie Portman New York Times style mag

i know i'm a bit late with my blog posts but i have an excuse...i was being a nerd and studying for my final law exams at uni. ok thats a lie. I was studying for 10% of the time and procrastinating the other 90% ( i then i wonder why i never know anything in the exam). Then for the next week i was at work all day, everyday for a few lousy dollars.

But anyways i'm back because i feel so lost without writing on my blog and reading other peoples. So if i'm blogging about old stuff you just have to grin and bare it lol.

Anyways last week i was captivated by the photographs of Natalie Portman in the NYT Style magazine. Ahhh i always knew she was beautiful but these photos just prove how versatile she is-one minute she's sweet the next minute seductive.

And besides posting about Natalie Portman is befitting for this time of year as her features remind me of an elf..and a very pretty one at that :)


Paul Pincus said...

T magazine in all it's incarnations is the best magazine in the world. It's up there with NEST and the original Flanders and Saban edited DETAILS magazine.

sarah said...