Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Silk and satin dresses

The Movies Rock event this week so many celebrities rocking out in classic satin and silk-like dresses and to tell you the truth i find it quit boring.

Everyone seemed to be playing it on the safe side at the event with simple dresses in light reflecting material, Fergie probably had the most interesting dress out of the shiny lot with rivets, ties and a bit of skin showing her and there.

As for Beyonce all i can say is "Dear God". The green 'body-strangler' she wore made her look a lot larger than she is and showed of her curves in the most unflattering of way. See this is what happens when every celebrity thinks their fashion designers.

Besides all the dresses she wears these days, look exactly the same except in different colours.

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WendyB said...

Oh! My! God! That dress of Beyonce's is horrible. Why must she wear things so tight? It looks like a full-body green Spanx. I agree that she repeats her look and that it's all very Vegas. A tight gown does not equal elegant! She needs to try some different things, starting with some WendyB jewelry and some dresses that allow her to breathe.