Saturday, January 19, 2008

How rude of me...

Whilst i was at work today, i just realised that i hadn't wished all the lovely bloggers and readers a happy new year. So here goes...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I hope everyone has a great new year and all there ambitions are fulfilled. But with a new year comes New Year's Resolutions. I try not to make New Year's resolutions because i never seem to fulfil them or i put to much pressure on fulfilling them that they finally burst in my face and fling me back to were i started from. Ok I'm being a bit dramatic here, but i do have a few aims this here goes...
1. STOP PROCRASTINATING. I do this on a daily basis, mostly when I'm supposed to be doing a uni assignment or studying for a final exam. And then i wonder why I'm so stressed at the last minute. So hopefully this year I'll start my assignments when their given, actually study for exams and be a diligent university student...(Ok you can stop rolling your eyes).

2. EAT LESS CRAP. By less crap, i mean less chocolate. I am what you call a full blown chocoholic. Chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits, cocoa in my name it, i've eaten it. But i have to admit i have cut a lot out, i just think a lot more chocolate needs to be cut out of my diet so i don't end up as one of Willy Wonka's oompa loompa's.

3. GO ON HOLIDAYS. I don't know were, but England, India and Thailand are a few tempting options on my list. I wouldn't mind going back to Norway i just need an excuse oh and money to go.

4. GO OUT MORE OFTEN. When my friends call to go out on a Saturday night, a lot of the time my lazy side comes out and makes an excuse not to go out and alas i am quiet the party-pooper when i feel lazy.

5. STOP BUYING OVERLY TRENDY PIECES OF CLOTHING. I thought i didn't submerge myself in highly trendy pieces such as coloured tights, coloured jeans, those Louis Vuitton inspired 'Millionaire' sunglasses that are still selling at chain stores like crazy, neon bright t-shirts, Pucci-esq print tops etc etc. BUT when i had my massive wardrobe clean out to toss all the things i hadn't worn or thought about in over a year, i was surprised to see how many trend driven pieces i own which i am already sick of or frankly don't like at all. Maybe this year, i should do a lot less impulse shopping.

6. PUT MORE EFFORT INTO THE WAY I DRESS. When I'm running late for anything, the last thing I'm doing is contemplating what to wear, so i just pick up the first thing i see and run. This doesn't always turn out bad, because it's usually just jeans and a top...but sometimes i look down in the middle of class and think "what the hell am i wearing??", "umm a sweater dress and gold tights and it's a scoorching 35 degrees outside".

7. DON'T BUY 100 PAIRS OF DESIGNER SUNGLASSES IN A YEAR!!! I kid you not. I mentally went through the amount of sunglasses i own/owned from chain store ones to Dior to Gucci to YSL to Dolce & Gabbana to Chanel and the outcome isn't healthy. Well i sold most of them on eBay during Christmas time and i only kept one cheap pair and one Dior pair that i wear all the time. All i need is a pair of aviators and I'm set for the new year..i promise :)

Well that's all for now, these are a few things that i want to change or fulfill. So what's your New Years resolution?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rachel Bilson style

Super Cutey Rachel Bilson can do no wrong with or without seen in her casual day-to-day style and her seductive magazine photoshoots...

Ellen Pompeo: From day to Diamonds at Night

I really like actress Ellen Pompeo ability to look casual cool by day in loose layers and all black and then bring out the big guns at night whether it's walking the red carpet in Lanvin or attending dinner Parties in Chanel. Miss Pompeo recently attended the Chanel fine jewelry party Night of Diamonds, in classic Chanel style. Ellen has gotten alot of grief over this look by the masses, but i like it. The 20's feel of the whole look in simple monochramtic colours brings with it a rare sight into lady-like dressing.
The only problem is that the look is great, but it doesn't seem to flow comfortable with ellen Pompeo's usual style.

Clubbing Style: London to L.A

As we all know a favourite past time for many celebrities is hanging out at the high fly clubs from L.A to London. This month saw quiet a few celebrities head to their local clubs to party the night away in great and some not so great outfits.

Socialite Kimberly Stewart's style has become a lot more refined of late with a new short crop and a 70's twist to her look in a sleek jumpsuit and wooden soled shoes. Whilst one of her BFF's Paris Hilton appears to be going for more of a weird hippie/gypsy look of late with headbands, glitter, bright lips and all.And then there's the British girls such as Kelly Osbourne who prefers to club in much more lady-like outfits then her past years of punky rocker trash. Whilst Kate Moss plays the Star-Spangled Girl in a jumpsuit from the Spring 2008 collection as she headed out to celebrate her 34th birthday.
And then you've got Pamela Anderson doing her darn-tooten-best to make Fendi look Tacky.

Navy dresses

This week has seen Jennifer garner, Dita Von Tesse and other attend parties and award nights in dresses that resemble the midnight sky-Navy.

Navy is a pretty underrated colour, not talked about much but looks gorgeous on almost anyone who wears it. More exciting then black but just as classy.

Ashlee, Ashley and Lindsay out at Cloverfield

Young Hollywood set out this week to attend the L.A premier of Cloverfield from the likes of High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale to party veteran Lindsay Lohan.

On the Outfit Front

Ashlee Simpson looked remarkably polished and put together without trying to be all "rock-chick". The new auburn hair colour and the short magenta coat make her look radiant whilst the oversized clutch is bang on trend.

Onto the other Ashley. Disney actress and High School Music star Ashley Tidale went for all black, which was a refreshing change from her past bright, busy and slightly childish outfits. It's more grown up without all the extra fuss.

And then theres Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay! Lindsay Lohan looked more like A Lady of the Night rather then The lady of the Night with her peroxide hair and too much make-up. And it seems that she hasn't gotten rid of her beloved fake tan. Shame though, cause the dress would have worked well if she kept it simple and didn't look so pissed off.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A lifetime investment- Leather Coats

Leather seems to be a best friend to many when the weather gets colder and colder. I'm sure everyone has one leather jacket or coat that has been sitting at the back of their wardrobe unworn for several years.

Now it's time to bring it out again with Beyonce and Angelina Jolie working the classic black leather coat into their winter wardrobes. Whilst many runways such as Chanel Cruise, Burberry Prorsum and Yves Saint Laurent undated the classic black coat with studs, stars, patent and quilting details.

I should invest in one soon because a leather coat is probably one of the most versatile things to invest in, as it pops up on many Fall runways every year, goes with everything, never goes out of fashion, and leather looks better as it gets older.

The Art of Elysium brings out the stylish

The stylish women of hollywood who turned up to The Art of Elysium event looked absolutely radiant.

Simple gowns with beautiful detailing was key of the night. Plunging backlines, pleating, tassels, jewel clustering and cinched in waists brought a classic beauty to the night which is often lacking at many Hollywood events were every startlet is competing to set a new trend.

My favourite of the night was Rachel Bilson, she always manages to look great both on and off the red carpet.

Keira Knightley in W Magazine

Since being the picked as the new face of Chanel, Keira Knightley has been pimping Chanel attire for all it's worth and her W magazine cover with James McAvoy was no exception.

Looking every bit the supermodel, Keira wore the denim number seen on Coco Rocha on the Spring 2008 Chanel runway and makes it look sexy as. As well as an off the shoulder, rope detailed top that was worn by model Angela Lindvall on the runway.

Chanel really did well picking Keira Knightley as the face of Chanel, but then again who wouldn't be proud to parade around in Chanel?

The BET awards

We all know that when it comes to awards nights, people don't really care about what award an artist receives, but rather what their dressed in.

For example Alicia Keys won a BET award for her contribution to the entertainment industry, but on the night it seemed that her Bee-hive hair-do distracted everyone from her talent and her gorgeous dress for that matter. And the girl doesn't need that much make-up, she pretty as is.

On a more positive note, Tyra banks looked gorgeous, keeping her hair simple for once and letting her dress be the focal point and adapting the feather trend into her look. oh and i love how make-up can contour your face to make you look like you have superb bone structure.

Beyonce wants to make me jealous as well

Beyonce's shoe closet has been added to my list of closet's to burgle.

Beyonce along with her man Jay-Z and Kayne West attended the New Jersey Nets’ NBA basketball game wearing my Lust-have Christian Louboutin studded Ariella boots in black. I want, i want it want!!!

These are the same ankle boots that were seen on the likes of international fashion model Coco Rocha, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

If you want them you can buy them on net-a-porter for around $1060 and now they also come in an 'above the knee' version...the more studs the merrier.

Lucy Liu at the Late Show with David Letterman

Lucy Liu never really gets much attention when it comes to her fashion choices (whether good or bad), but filming her new TV series, Cashmere Mafia seems to have done good things for her in the wardrobe department.

Miss Liu rocked out in a very unusual and very stylish Alexander McQueen dress for the Late Show with David Letterman, as seen on the catwalks in all it's dramatic flair. Only one problem-as she arrived for the show, it was accessory galore, with long leather gloves, bright white capes and shiny shiny bags in true diva style.

The look worked best when the dress had time to shine.