Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ashlee, Ashley and Lindsay out at Cloverfield

Young Hollywood set out this week to attend the L.A premier of Cloverfield from the likes of High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale to party veteran Lindsay Lohan.

On the Outfit Front

Ashlee Simpson looked remarkably polished and put together without trying to be all "rock-chick". The new auburn hair colour and the short magenta coat make her look radiant whilst the oversized clutch is bang on trend.

Onto the other Ashley. Disney actress and High School Music star Ashley Tidale went for all black, which was a refreshing change from her past bright, busy and slightly childish outfits. It's more grown up without all the extra fuss.

And then theres Lindsay Lindsay Lindsay! Lindsay Lohan looked more like A Lady of the Night rather then The lady of the Night with her peroxide hair and too much make-up. And it seems that she hasn't gotten rid of her beloved fake tan. Shame though, cause the dress would have worked well if she kept it simple and didn't look so pissed off.

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