Thursday, January 17, 2008

Clubbing Style: London to L.A

As we all know a favourite past time for many celebrities is hanging out at the high fly clubs from L.A to London. This month saw quiet a few celebrities head to their local clubs to party the night away in great and some not so great outfits.

Socialite Kimberly Stewart's style has become a lot more refined of late with a new short crop and a 70's twist to her look in a sleek jumpsuit and wooden soled shoes. Whilst one of her BFF's Paris Hilton appears to be going for more of a weird hippie/gypsy look of late with headbands, glitter, bright lips and all.And then there's the British girls such as Kelly Osbourne who prefers to club in much more lady-like outfits then her past years of punky rocker trash. Whilst Kate Moss plays the Star-Spangled Girl in a jumpsuit from the Spring 2008 collection as she headed out to celebrate her 34th birthday.
And then you've got Pamela Anderson doing her darn-tooten-best to make Fendi look Tacky.


In Yr Fshn said...

Not a big fan of Kim Stweart, but she finally found an era that works for her--she should stick with it.

tammy said...

i cant believe i'm actually going to say this, but it looks like Kate moss is trying way too hard to work the chanel jumpsuit.

Then again the spring/summer 08 chanel show was a shocker with terrible pieces, so i cant blame her for not looking her best.

Kimberly stewart looks much more refined as shes getting older.

Love you blog!