Friday, February 29, 2008

Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses taking lead

Another celebrity and another Tom Ford crush. Actress Kate Hudson was out shopping this week wearing Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses.

These sunglasses are becoming extremely popular with Janice Dickinson, Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie sporting them.

Runways, magazines and designer eyewear collections are filled with cat-eye sunglasses whilst celebrities and the fashion set are rapidly falling in love with them.

Here are some cat-eye sunglasses you can pick from all avaliable at Otticanet.
  • Chloe 2121 cat-eye sunglasses
  • Chloe 2124 cat-eye sunglasses
  • Marc Jacobs MJ 065
  • Marc Jacobs MJ 044
  • Persol PO 2873
  • Yves Saint Laurent YSL 6135

Tilda Swinton Airport Style

This British red head always looks amazing- in the very quirky "umm what's she wearing" kind of way. Tilda Swinton is one of those women who is comfortable with her own looks, style and fashion taste and rocks it until she can rock no more. Tilda Swinton was seen at LAX airport wearing a classic outfit of black wide leg pants with a white jacket. However, it was Tilda's accessories that stole the show in these photo's as she toted around a feminine Prada Fantasy Fairy Bag which retail for $2000+. I love the bags from Prada's Spring/Summer 2008 collection, the prints, the feminity and uniqueness that stand out from a mile away. And then there's her sunglasses!! Tilda Swinton wears Lanvin Way Shiner sunglasses which retail for over $380, because of their great shape, high quality and Swarovski Crystal lathered arms. This style was seen on model Agyness Dean at the Lanvin shows.

Lindsay Lohan Paper Magazine

As the March cover girl of Paper Magazine, Lindsay Lohan lived up to her raunchy image and every man's expectation with thigh baring dresses and scarlett lips. When i first saw her dress, it instantly reminded me of the Jeremy Scott for Longchamp Le Pilage “Stomp” Bag, no surprise seeing that Jeremy Scott was the shoot's photographer.

Mary-Kate Olsen at Giambattista Valli Fall 2008/2009

Sitting front row and bug-eyed at the Fall 2008 Giambattista Valli fashion show, Mary-Kate Olsen looked every bit the Parisian Fashionista in a head-to-toe ebony ensemble.

Sticking to a parisian favourite in black, Mary-Kate Olsen owned the look by wearing the 'hard to pull off' two-toned Chanel S5018 sunglasses, a colourful beaded clutch, jewels on every finger and her signature unkempt hair.

I love this outfit from the top all the way down to those Giambattista Valli Victoria shoes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kelly Osborne- The refined version

Kelly Osborne who was once known for her constant hair-dye jobs, vulgar fashion choices and fowl language, has matured and developed a much more refined sense of style.

However, we cannot expect Kelly to dress completely refined, after all the British sense of style will always have a sense of effortless shag and rocker influences-and how very appropriate in Kelly's case.

Whether Miss Osborne is wearing man-style suits, lady-like floral dresses, or a grunge mix of red gowns and leather jackets, she always adds her own touch, like many style icons with heart shaped sunglasses, scarlett lips, and skull tattoos.

The cute Lolita heart shaped sunglasses were first seen on the catwalks of Luella and Moschino, with celebrity following such as Kelly Osborne, Britney Spears, Kimberly Stewart, Peaches Geldorf and Marilyn Manson's girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood.
If your into them, you can buy bargain priced pairs from as little as $5.00 on eBay by searching for Heart sunglasses.

Damn that Angelina!

All i can say is that, Angelina Jolie looks great 365 days of the question about that! Unless you include leap years which will pop up her gorgeous radar to 366.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fall 2008/2009: Balmain

As a big fan of Balmain, i was definitely anticipating the Fall 2008/2009 runway collection. Balmain designer, Christophe Decarnin had obviously worked this collection around the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". As the Fall vibe of was very much the same as Spring 2008- tough, 90's rock chick with a good serving of sexy in between.

The colour palette was restricted, mainly to blacks and greys- after all, the majority of Balmain's clientele are the Parisian fashion set, who can access the brand at the exclusive Paris boutique. However, this collection updated last season's studded shoes, with Indian style fringe boots, much like the fringe Minnetonka Moccasin's that Kate Moss single handedly made a rock-chick wardrobe staple.

The highlights to me were the glitter detailed blazer (picture 2), the clash of leopard and zebra print and the re-occuring lightening motif. But my favourite would have to be the casual fitting, indian style leather jodhpurs (2nd row, 3rd pic) or what?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fall 2008: Lady Like Looks

Say what you will about the lady like looks of the season, but i think the many Cory Kennedy wannabe's of the world would benefit from taking a leaf out of this look. The structure, the polish, and refinement would make any girl fit to meet the parents.

It's probarbly not an everyday look for most, but work, specials events and family gatherings can most certainly call on this almost royal look.

DRESS OFF- Chanel Sweater Dress

Who wore it best?
Celebrity/Actress/Sex Tape Veteran Pamela Anderson or
Models Grieta Bastika & Lisa Cant??

Widden those Legs

Last season, wide Leg and flare style trousers were re-surfacing, on runways such as Balmain and on drain-pipe tired celebrities such as Rachel Bilson. However the Fall 2008 fashion shows, let our thighs know, loud and clear, that they would be free from any unwanted restrain.

The mass exposure of the wide leg on the catwalk, is not to say that skinny and slim fit trousers are about to gather at the back of your closet. Designers from Benjamin Cho to J.Mendel kept the sleekness of the slim fit in their collections.

Nevertheless, the Fashion Set have already, tried-tested-and-endorsed the wider look. So whether it's the 70's flare or the man-style tailoring of the wide leg that you prefer, our high street stores will be stacked to the back racks in this new season style.

Sky High Versus Heel-less Shoes?

If your complaining about wearing your sky-high heels out again, spare a thought for fashion insider Louis, who chose to wear HEEL-LESS shoes during a hectic day at Milan Fashion Week.

Not only do you have to suffer the same pain as a sky high heel would impede, but you have to imagine you've got a heel in order to stop you from tipping over big time!

Here's what the Sartorialist had to say "Louise chose those shoes because she is writing an article about wearing "crazy" shoes during the hectic Milan fashion week. For the record she admitted that it took full concentration to keep from tipping over as she went carefully went in and out of the shows."

If i'm not mistaken, this is the same Louis that wore a dress made out of Garbage bags to a fashion show??? Louis is also rocking the star trend of Spring 2008...The girl's definetely dedicated...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shaded celebrities: What sunglasses are they wearing now?

When it comes to celebrities and their sunglasses, i take notice! And most recently i have notice celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz donning the very classy Bvlgari 862 sunglasses. These sunglasses were first made popular by Angelina Jolie during her Cannes Film Festival appearances. They can be bought online at Otticanet for US $ 221.

Cut-away lenses are a huge trend at the moment, thanks to the style being popularised by the ever so famous Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses. Like many designers, Versace have bought out their own version of the cut-out lens style in the form of Versace 4114. The feature the Versace logo on both sides of the frame as well as the 'Versace' written on both temples. It sounds like alot of labelling, but it is very discreetly done. They can also be bought on Otticanet for US $187.

The Versace 4114 sunglasses worn by Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and actress Melora Hardin, were seen in the print campaigns featuring Kate Moss...and if Kate Moss can't make you buy something, who can?

What does Orange & Grey make?

When Fall fashions come our way, year after year, it is no suprise to see sober, dark or dulled out colour pallettes rapidly filling up clothing racks of our favourite boutiques. Black, brown and off-whites were still in around, however grey takes the cake when it comes to designer's fall colour of choice. With grey being a big hit last Fall, nearly every designer from Brian Reyes to Christopher Kane included grey peices in their collections.

Whilst muted colours did prevail on the catwalk, it was a refreshing change to see various shades of orange being splashed randomly into collections. The thought of wearing such bright colours during winter, may give migranes to some, but pairing them with black stocking or having the colour peep out from under the arms of your coat in the form of gloves, makes the colour all the more wearable.

From pumpkin coloured A-Line mini skirts, to structured double breasted coats in Tangerine hues, it seems our designers all had a similar vision, transferred telepathically from our most elite to the rawest designers.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Tom Ford: The Cat's eye.

As fashion trends shift season by season, from volumn to body-coon styles, so do the likes of sunglass trends. We've seen bug-eyes, shield styles, the gigantic, blingtastic, wayfayers and now the cat eye style has re-emerged.

It's been on the catwalk for a few season's now, and Tom Ford's Anouck sunglasses were a hit with the fashion set and stylish celebrities such as Nicole Richie. Thus, designers are now frantically adding cat-eye style sunglasses to their eyewear collections.
However, seeing Janice "I think i'm the first real supermodel" Dickinson wearing the Tom ford Anouck sunglasses, turns me off buying them BIG TIME! But lets thank the stars above for the fact that Tom Ford can design fabulous sunglasses which actually do justice to Janice's mug!
Here are just a few pairs of cat eye sunglasses you can buy online:

Best friends style rubs off on Eva Longoria

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria, as we all know, are the best of buddies now. There close connection is due to the fact that their both married to sports players slash accused cheaters and have a love of flashing their 'mulla' by going shopping every free minute of the day.

So it's no suprise that both Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham on seperate occassions, headed to the airport in loud leopard print peices. Victoria Beckham stole the spotlight in a leopard print coat, slick hair and sunglasses (talk about craving attention).

Whilst Eva wore the same black and leopard combination as she arrived at the airport. Although she kept the leopard print to a minimum on her boots, that didn't stop her holding up the line at airport security as she had to take of her hat, coat, scarf and boots...and put them all back on again...

Pencil It In!!

Pencil skirts are an all time favourite for many celebrities because of their simple yet chic body hugging effect. Angelina Jolie is a massive fan of pencil skirts, wearing them anywhere and everywhere, and showing us the true art of dressing down a pencil skirt.

Whilst Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Fergie and Victoria Beckham cinched in their bodies with these slim line skirts, the catwalks of New York Fashion Week saw pencil skirt-clad models strutting down the runway in abundance, from well known names such as Michael Kors to younger labels such Staerk and Jenni Kayne.

I'm a pencil skirt lover, so this is a look i'll definetely continue wearing :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Night to Benefit Raising Malawi

When some first took a look at Gwyneth Paltrow's, Night to Benefit Malawi dress, would have shreeked in horror at the massive bow that gobbled up most of her neck.

Big bows are one of those things you either love or hate, nevertheless, Gwyneth Paltrow is right on trend with many pieces being designed with large bow adornments. From Gucci clutches to Louboutin boots to Chanel hats, bows ranging from the outlandishly large to the sweet and subtle are hitting our favourite designer peices.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Star in Crisis

I hope the rumours that Amy Winehouse has agreed to go to rehab are true, because the pictures and drug video's that emerged recently haven't shown Amy in her best light.

She's one of my favourite young singers, so i hope her drug addiction doesn't permanently overshadow her marvellous talent

Angelina Jolie at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

Angelina Jolie has definetely added fuel to the fire of those pregnancy rumours with this outfit.

Whilst at the 2008 Santa Barbara Film Festival, Angelina wore a loose fitting chiffon shirt, loose fitting maxi skirt and ballet flats.

However, what stood out most was the fact that she incorporated print in her outfit. As many are aware, Angelina is rarely seen in colourful attire, sticking to her love of black, whites, greys and beiges on a daily basis, so colourful print balanced with black was a nice change.

Miranda Kerr and Layering

Alot of people find new Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr annoying for some reason, but annoying or not, i absolutely love the way this girl has layered her outfit.

Using only a grey and black pallette, Miranda layered a long grey cardigan under a leather jacket which added toughness to the otherwise dainty cardi. Although this look is not new, being sported by many models and celebrities, the outfit has a certain rock chick vibe which is always a winner.

I wanna be Mariah Carey

Known for her superb voice, penchant for clothes 5 time too small and her diva style attitude, Mariah did her darnest to make me jealous whilst out shopping last week.
Not just any shopping, but jewelry shopping!! (Something i have been deprived of for a very long time.) she shopped for hours at Van Cleef & Arpels on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles looking to satisfy her desire for butterfly design jewelry.
Normally i'm not a big fan of Mariah Carey's dress sense, but i'm loving this outfit! Crisp white shirt, thick belt, pencil skirt, studded earring, statement necklace and wearing the latest Gucci 2969s sunglasses she looked like a diva in the truest sense of the word.

Jeans and jackets

When everything is tried and tested in your wardrobe, the one thing you can always rely on is a great pair of jeans.
The right fit, cut and style can make for a slick outfit day or night, which is the rule Halle Berry, Katie Holmes and Jessica Simpson put to the test of late.
All three chose to leave their OTT designer clothes in their wardrobes whilst pairing their beloved blue jeans with classic black jackets. Rather than focusing on colour, Halle Berry's jacket relyed on its snake skin texture to bring out it's appeal. Whilst Katie Holmes wore a carefree 60's style swing jacket.
The result is great, effortless and wearable any day of the week.

Whats going on Paris?

On a normal day, alot of celebrities tend to do their errands wearing their beloved trackies.

However, as always Paris tacks her love a tad bit too far by wearing her sweatpants, with juvenile logoed tops, monogram printed hats and bright trend driven sunglasses. Oh and not mention those shutter sunglasses she's been sporting (which were first seen on Kayne West during one of his performances).

The sad thing is, that her usual style of coordinated outfits in feminine prints and colours actually suited her alot more but these days she's dressing more like a 14 year old rather than a 26 year old socialite...but hey at least she's not getting herself into trouble.

Introducing the Butt-zip

Sophia Bush attended the Abaete Fall 2008 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week today in a cute yet provocative little number. The One Tree Hill actress and front rower wore a sheer black and white lizard print top with a knockout red pleated skirt.

The oversized zip at the back of her skirt was the standout feature which drew attention to her womenly features. The zip is a bit suggestive, but sophia manages to keep her classyness intact by choosing a high waist style and keeping her top half covered.

Too see the zip trend on the catwalks click here.

Lindsay Lohan & the life of her leggings

As we all know last year leggings, stockings and tights in all sorts of lengths, prints and colours were a big trend on the runways and in our high street stores. Black tights were great to extend our Twiggy length dresses into fall, whilst metallics made any daytime outfit pop!

But when every single store you walk into stocks leggings and your 10 year old sister and 45 year old aunt have caught on, you know it's time to retire the trend. But our former teen style icon, Lindsay Lohan, seems to have lost her magic touch (or stylist), when it comes to putting a decent outfit together.

Lindsay Lohan's shopping, partying and AA meetings have all been accompanied by lace, sheer and the dreaded unflattering spandex leggings.

Lets just hope she finds herself some pants soon.