Monday, February 11, 2008

Best friends style rubs off on Eva Longoria

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria, as we all know, are the best of buddies now. There close connection is due to the fact that their both married to sports players slash accused cheaters and have a love of flashing their 'mulla' by going shopping every free minute of the day.

So it's no suprise that both Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham on seperate occassions, headed to the airport in loud leopard print peices. Victoria Beckham stole the spotlight in a leopard print coat, slick hair and sunglasses (talk about craving attention).

Whilst Eva wore the same black and leopard combination as she arrived at the airport. Although she kept the leopard print to a minimum on her boots, that didn't stop her holding up the line at airport security as she had to take of her hat, coat, scarf and boots...and put them all back on again...


ingrid said...

i used to love Eva Longoria she used to be so down to earth, stylish and she just seems like a victoria beckham clone..and i hate victoria beckham...i want her to go away and leave all the normal celebrities alone and stop changing their images and personalities!!

Prêt-à-Porter P said...

i like victoria's coat, maybe not in this particular instance, but i do like that coat