Monday, February 11, 2008

Tom Ford: The Cat's eye.

As fashion trends shift season by season, from volumn to body-coon styles, so do the likes of sunglass trends. We've seen bug-eyes, shield styles, the gigantic, blingtastic, wayfayers and now the cat eye style has re-emerged.

It's been on the catwalk for a few season's now, and Tom Ford's Anouck sunglasses were a hit with the fashion set and stylish celebrities such as Nicole Richie. Thus, designers are now frantically adding cat-eye style sunglasses to their eyewear collections.
However, seeing Janice "I think i'm the first real supermodel" Dickinson wearing the Tom ford Anouck sunglasses, turns me off buying them BIG TIME! But lets thank the stars above for the fact that Tom Ford can design fabulous sunglasses which actually do justice to Janice's mug!
Here are just a few pairs of cat eye sunglasses you can buy online:


Elisabeth said...

I love cat eye sunglasses - although they are no friend to Janice Dickinson!

michelle said...

i hate janice dickinson too!! she is so vulgar! I love the shape of the marc jacobs pair, but i would get them in black rather than white

Poshpalette said...

at least her shades is covering the unwanted lines on her face.

aschlee said...

man oh man flash back to like the 50's. I love seeing old styles come back :) Janice Dickinson on the other hand, she looks kind of scary (too much surgery), but i don't think that will deter the popularity of these sunnies (thank goodness).

0037sammie said...

Oh, wow! I actually jumped back from the screen in horror as I scrolled down to see Janice "I think i'm the first real supermodel," in all her glory.