Friday, February 29, 2008

Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses taking lead

Another celebrity and another Tom Ford crush. Actress Kate Hudson was out shopping this week wearing Tom Ford Anouk sunglasses.

These sunglasses are becoming extremely popular with Janice Dickinson, Kate Hudson and Nicole Richie sporting them.

Runways, magazines and designer eyewear collections are filled with cat-eye sunglasses whilst celebrities and the fashion set are rapidly falling in love with them.

Here are some cat-eye sunglasses you can pick from all avaliable at Otticanet.
  • Chloe 2121 cat-eye sunglasses
  • Chloe 2124 cat-eye sunglasses
  • Marc Jacobs MJ 065
  • Marc Jacobs MJ 044
  • Persol PO 2873
  • Yves Saint Laurent YSL 6135


Kira Fashion said...

those sunglasses are so cool!

i am adding you to my friends favourites, i think i forgot to do it before...i am doing now :)

add me too, ok?
thanks for passing, keep in touch :)
your blog is so cool

a kiss


Debbie Shiamay said...

Sunglasses are everywhere! Its almost like a necessity. Nevertheless... I like that grey coat she's in.Looks so comfy haha

addicted said...

i love these!! i saw them on anne hathaway (i think) and fell in love!

Shalini said...

Kira Fashion - I linked you too.

Debbie Shiamay- Yes sunglasses are everywhere, and they are a neccessity because they protect your eyes from sun damage, and ur skin from premature aging...and designers make it look good while doing it ;)

addicted- Ohhh really? i haven't seen anne hathaway in the but now i'm dying to see

Eric said...

I really like these sunglasses. I would wear them everywhere, but still can't justify the steep price tag. I would be so upset if I ever sat on them I just couldn't do it.