Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What does Orange & Grey make?

When Fall fashions come our way, year after year, it is no suprise to see sober, dark or dulled out colour pallettes rapidly filling up clothing racks of our favourite boutiques. Black, brown and off-whites were still in around, however grey takes the cake when it comes to designer's fall colour of choice. With grey being a big hit last Fall, nearly every designer from Brian Reyes to Christopher Kane included grey peices in their collections.

Whilst muted colours did prevail on the catwalk, it was a refreshing change to see various shades of orange being splashed randomly into collections. The thought of wearing such bright colours during winter, may give migranes to some, but pairing them with black stocking or having the colour peep out from under the arms of your coat in the form of gloves, makes the colour all the more wearable.

From pumpkin coloured A-Line mini skirts, to structured double breasted coats in Tangerine hues, it seems our designers all had a similar vision, transferred telepathically from our most elite to the rawest designers.

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ingrid said...

How come when i wear orange i always look childish or goofy, but designers make it look so grown up fresh and wearable, i am going to try orange out again