Sunday, February 3, 2008

Whats going on Paris?

On a normal day, alot of celebrities tend to do their errands wearing their beloved trackies.

However, as always Paris tacks her love a tad bit too far by wearing her sweatpants, with juvenile logoed tops, monogram printed hats and bright trend driven sunglasses. Oh and not mention those shutter sunglasses she's been sporting (which were first seen on Kayne West during one of his performances).

The sad thing is, that her usual style of coordinated outfits in feminine prints and colours actually suited her alot more but these days she's dressing more like a 14 year old rather than a 26 year old socialite...but hey at least she's not getting herself into trouble.


Nicole Then said...

haha, what's with Paris' sunglasses!

JustBekky said...

You're right she does look weird! :)
BTW, "alot" isn't a word!
Good post though.

stylishmomy said...

maybe next time will see her dating kayne west lol, with Paris, you'll never know whats next.