Monday, March 31, 2008

Let me tell you about Mariah...

Mariah Carey can:
Wear sunglasses at night...
Find friends that are even bigger Divas then herself...
Shop at any designer store, at anytime, all over the world...
Make belief that a bikini is actually a genuine form of attire...
Walk her dog wearing designer sunglasses, heels and Herve Leger dresses...
Show no modesty when it comes to bragging about her wardrobe size. Unlike other celebs she feels free to state that she has about "1000 pairs of designer shoes".

Rihanna Kids Choice Awards

While most of the female celebs who choice to play it on the safe side, Rihanna rocked all out as she attended the Kids Choice awards. Cutesy polka dot top, jodhpurs, sky high heels and lashings of colour on her lips and nails made her look the it!

West Of Kanye

Kayne's girl, Alexis Phifer, demonstrates to all that beads don't mean boho, as she donned layers of fluro necklaces at the Paris Fall 2008-2009 shows!

Clooney Likes His girls "Classy"

Wow! George Clooney sure knows how to pick em! One of the most desired bachelors of our time, has landed himself one of the most sexually available girls out there.
Scandalous photos of Clooney's girl, Sarah Larson have surface all over the internet. Larson, 29, apparently gets paid to attend parties as a high class call girl, in other words-act like a slut. Photo's include her posing expictilly, licking other girls behinds, making love in public...and the list goes on.To make it worse, these photos were only taken late last year, when she was already dating with George. She's even wearing a dress George bought for her in the photo where she's up against the wall with some strange man wrapped between her legs. It doesn't look like much "acting" is going on in these pictures. Poor Clooney...will he ever get married?

It Must Be Love

Party of Five and Ghost Whisperer star, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is certainly in love with her new Prada Fantasy Fairy bag. She's even got herself a wallet to match!

Miss Hewitt has been seen toting around the bag nonstop ever since it reached her possession, and who could blame her?
The gorgeous eclectic designs which still feature on the Prada Website, have caught the eye of many including quirky actress Tilda Swinton. And if counterfeit website are anything to go by, this bag is certain to become a hit!

Shopping never looked so good

Victoria Beckham is officially to glamorous for me. She has reached untouchable status in my books, with her incomparably polished outfits, slick hair and celebrity BFF's.

She is one of the few women in Hollywood that can get away with being completely dolled up to bambi foot around her favourite designer boutiques donning oversized sunglasses, from her superb eyewear line and carrying a covetable Hermes Kelly Longue bag.

Let whats said, be said...Victoria Beckham is still my girl...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Posh & Broke love Chanel sunnies - Part 3

"Round, Round, Baby, Round Round"...was what Ashley Olsen had in mind, when she donned the 2008 Chanel 5120 sunglasses in Paris this month.

These sunglasses feature rounded gradient lens, similar to the Chanel 5018 sunglasses, except this model is alot more wearable for everyday (and alot more flattering).
They come in a wide range of colours including tortoise, black, red, honey, white and blue grey.

You can purchase them online at Sunglasses Italy for $317.

Posh & Broke love Chanel sunnies - Part 2

Socialite Kim Kardishan and Actress Lindsay Lohan have been out in Hollywood wearing the Chanel CC 4160Q sunglasses. They feature a woven leather chain across the top of the lense in true Chanel style. They are a large shield style aviator, and will add a rock chick vibe to any outfit.

You can purchase the Chanel CC 4160Q sunglasses online at Sunglasses Italy for $525.

Posh & Broke loves Chanel sunnies - Part 1

Chanel is really on a role with fantastic eye wear this year. Many of their styles being seen on the rich and famous from the Olsen twins, to Nicole Richie, Pharrell Williams, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan and veteran supermodel Claudia Schiffer.
Since the famous Marie Claire shoot starring Ashley Olsen late last year, the Chanel 5018 sunglasses have made their way on the eyes of both Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Pharell Williams.

These two toned sunglasses were seen on the Chanel catwalks, and are an extremely hard pair to pull off, but if you love them you can buy them at the Chanel boutiques or Ebay.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blog B'day - 1 Year & 1 Day Old!

I wish i was being quirky by celebrating my blogs 1 year and 1 day anniversary, but i actually forgot that it was my blogs birthday. I knew it was coming up, but I've been bombarded with uni assignments that it slipped my mind.

Anyways HAPPY 1 YEAR AND 1 DAY ANNIVERSARY 'Queen of the Posh and Broke!!'

Anyways, if my blog was a human, this little man would definitely get the part. A fat horny kid, what more could a blog persona need? He's Phat, PH phat!

Where all my Beanie Babies at?

They're in Paris Y'all! And London...Oh they're also on flights back to New York.

Beanies hit the fashion circuit big time this season! When an icon like Anna Dello Russo is seen wearing a beanie to exlusive fashion shows, you know it's going to spawn a band of followers.

Nevertheless I'm sure the plummeting temperatures have a lot to do with it, and the fashion set surely know how to make the practical pretty. The beanies added a sporty somewhat gangster feel to many outfits, yet remained just as adorable as any Beanie Baby can get!

What i'm loving this week..

These three lovely ladies:
Victoria Beckham: Her unstoppable persistence in carefully coordinating every outfit, everyday.
Nicole Richie: A new level of maturity, chicer style and brand-new bosoms.
Miranda Kerr: The girl who graced the cover of the first teen magazine i ever bought, will always have a soft spot in my heart, but that smile and those dimples make her just that much more lovable.

The other CK

When the Christopher Kane troop marched down the runway at the Fall 2007 RTW show, they did it in pride. Buckles, Crystals, Studs, leather and heavy armoury were a small portion of the wonderfully extravagant designs posed by Mr Kane. So extravagant in fact, that perhaps only those who had reached "Style Icon" status could pull on and pull it off with ease.
Yet his looks have morphed beautifully from the runway to reality, with a legion of fans including Paris Vogue Editor Carine Roitfeld, Vogue Nippon creative consultant Anna Dello Russo and according to sales records at Browns London, the pieces were flying off the racks.
Spring 2008/2009 fashions shows brought along with it many stylish women, including Erika Kurihara, who donned a Spring 07 Kane velvet dress. Although her look is very similar to the runway look, leaving aside the boots and Longchamp bag, she personifies a softer almost saccharine image, which reflects the truly versatile nature of Kane's collection.

When (or if) the day comes, in my life where budget is no longer a factor, then Christopher Kane's pieces will stand alongside Balmain, Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Givency, MaxMara and Balenciaga in my futuristic wardrobe fantasies.

P.S, the Jeremy Scott for Longchamp Stomp bag is really stomping the parisian pavements of late...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Peek-A-Boo Sleeves

With stripes being synonymous with the infamous nautical look, anchor and all, many striped tee's retired to the back of closets, as "so last season". But Fashion insiders, freshened up the look as they attended fashion shows from London to Paris and in between.

Striped long sleeve t-shirts were used as layering pieces, which were only evidential through the sleeves poking out from under short sleeved dresses, parkers and muted jackets. The look is both practical and very mod.

Heidi Montag's Fashion Line

Apparently Hollywood has changed it's policy- now you don't even have to be a real celebrity to design real celebrity crap, as The Hills Heidi Montag points out in her new line of clothing.

All her designs are under $60 in an attempt to keep it "affordable", i would say the low pricing has alot to do with the fact that most of the American TV-tuners hate her, and this is the only bargaining tool to get them to consider looking at "her" designs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lindsay Lohan back on track

I used to love Lindsay Lohan when i was in highschool. She was the quintessential cool chick, with a sky rocketing acting and music career, a sexy bod, a great sense of style and a covetable list of designer goods.

Then along came the excess partying, drinking, drug taking, boys, cat fights, partying mother and ratty friends which all led to her downhill spiral. But a couple of weeks in rehab seems to change all that in Hollywood, with magazine photoshoots, interviews and reality tv shows on top of rehab starletts lists of things to do.

Well one good thing Lindsay has done of late is, dye that ratty blonde hair she loves so much to a more natural brunette, it adds so much more class to her look. Anyways i like her outfit, it's reminiscent of the old Lindsay, but can somebody please buy Miss Lohan a pair of pants???

Kate Bosworth in New Zealand

After being a bridesmaid at a friends wedding in Sydney Australia, Kate Bosworth headed to New Zealand by helicopter with her leading man by her side. With the snow all around her, Kate looked absolutely gorgeous in her dark denim straight leg jeans, grey sweater, brown ankle UGG boots and matching blue beanie and scarf ensemble.
Having the ability to be practical and stylish at the same time, is a sign of a being truly fashionable without being a fashion victim.

The Givenchy Jacket done the Mary-Kate Olsen way

Trust Mary-Kate Olsen to add even more impact to an already knock-out piece of clothing. Whilst shopping in the city of lights, Mary-Kate donned a Fall 2007 Givenchy studded leather jacket.

Whilst many would have kept the silhouette clean and simple, Mary-Kate added roar with a leopard print scarf, patent vintage Chanel Bag, excess jewelry, red chipped nails and a bold sunglasses including a classic brown pair and a bold pair of orange wayfarer's.

She get's three stars from me: 2 for the outfit and 1 for sticking to her individual style no matter the situation.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Head Case

Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton must have re-organised their wardrobes of late, and dug out their favourite accessories of summer 2007.

Both former BFF's were caught out this week sporting their Axl Rose style head bands and head scarfs. Don't like the look on either of them because usually they pull it off really well. And Richie's boho-hippy style is still very much present...i guess Rachel Zoe hasn't completely rubbed off yet.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The World on your Shoulders

You would be hard pressed to ignore the influx of designers trying to sell the oversized shoulder through their pieces this season. Balenciaga's architectural designs of Spring 2008 with prominent sturdy shoulders, conjured up thoughts that the 80's shoulder would return in all it's padded glory.

However, this time around, it has shifted away from the shoulders of glass ceiling barrier breakers, to a new form of power in the form of beautifully constructed pieces reminiscent of sculptural work or more oriental influences such as origami art.

In theory, the look is powerful and captivating to watch, however, translating it off the runway and into reality is a harder task-just ask Jennifer Connolley who got a beating by the tabloids for choosing to wear a sculpted Balenciaga dress to a premier.
Since, it's re-emergence, the trend has been seen on seldom few, but this season's emphasis is sure to make it more approachable and perhaps mainstream.

Rachel Bilson & Christian Louboutin Ariella Studded Boots

I'm usually a big fan of Rachel Bilson's style, because of her impeccable taste and individual style, but this outfit isn't one of her most creative choices. Wayfarers? Check. Christian Louboutin's? Check. Skinny Jeans with a leather jacket? Check. Fresh Bangs? Check. Love the girl, but this outfit was just too obvious. So she get's two stars from me.
Don't get me wrong, i love the Christian Louboutin Ariella Studded boots, but every celebrity who has chosen to wear them from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to Beyonce and Coco Rocha have all worn them with Skinny Jeans and leather jackets.

So, when i came across this photo, of a woman attending the Fall 2008/2009 shows, wearing her CL studded boots with a lady like floral skirt, knit wear, tights and a blazer- it gave a breathe of fresh air to these some what over-exposed boots.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Let me see that thong...

Kate Hudson flaunts her gym membership in the form of an "itsy bitsy teeny weeny" red hot bikini, as she spent time by the pool with her son, Ryder. 

 She accessorized with Dita 'Supa Dupa' Sunglasses and a stunning turqoise cuff bracelet. But who really pays attention to store bought accessories when you've got an awesome behind like that?

Is it just me, or is everyone else also praying that the thong bikini trend starts and ends on Kate Hudson's buttocks?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scarf it up

While Victoria Beckham struts around in strapless mini dresses on freezing New York nights, the Paris fashion set have a more practical dress sense.

Mini dresses at the peak of a European winter is acceptable, provided, that one layers to the extent that the mini acts more like an under garment than the focus peice. This is one thing that the Paris fashion set know very well. Thick woollen coats, opaque stockings, killer boots and loose layering were all apart of the Parisian uniform.

However, the main focus was on scarfs. Fur, pashmina, cashmere and chunky woollen scarfs were seen on almost every fashion week bellwether. When it comes to making the practical look cool, you can always count on the women that tot around Paris.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fall 2008/2009: Lanvin Fashion Shows

Perfection is the only word that can define the Lanvin 2008/2009 Fashion Show. This season Alber Elbaz continued to deliver awe inspiring pieces that still remain true to timeless form.

A classic pencil skirt was tiered and ruched, whilst one-armed dresses may pose themselves as the new sleeveless. Not all was new though. Mary-Jane pumps, skinny leg pants, patent textures, fur accents and weighty statement jewelery still a season staple for the Lanvin lovers of the world.

This season, Lanvin catered for both the working girl with simple silhouettes while up keeping it's reputation for glamorous after-five dresses.

Ohhh that's where Tweety went

Tweety hanging out at the Paris Fashion shows on Sunday...not too shabby for a bird...