Monday, March 31, 2008

Clooney Likes His girls "Classy"

Wow! George Clooney sure knows how to pick em! One of the most desired bachelors of our time, has landed himself one of the most sexually available girls out there.
Scandalous photos of Clooney's girl, Sarah Larson have surface all over the internet. Larson, 29, apparently gets paid to attend parties as a high class call girl, in other words-act like a slut. Photo's include her posing expictilly, licking other girls behinds, making love in public...and the list goes on.To make it worse, these photos were only taken late last year, when she was already dating with George. She's even wearing a dress George bought for her in the photo where she's up against the wall with some strange man wrapped between her legs. It doesn't look like much "acting" is going on in these pictures. Poor Clooney...will he ever get married?


Dollfaced Rebel said...

Poor Cloney... He deserves so much better than that!

stylishmomy said...

tsk tsk poor guy. Are they still together? I wonder what George has to say on this.