Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Givenchy Jacket done the Mary-Kate Olsen way

Trust Mary-Kate Olsen to add even more impact to an already knock-out piece of clothing. Whilst shopping in the city of lights, Mary-Kate donned a Fall 2007 Givenchy studded leather jacket.

Whilst many would have kept the silhouette clean and simple, Mary-Kate added roar with a leopard print scarf, patent vintage Chanel Bag, excess jewelry, red chipped nails and a bold sunglasses including a classic brown pair and a bold pair of orange wayfarer's.

She get's three stars from me: 2 for the outfit and 1 for sticking to her individual style no matter the situation.

1 comment:

lani said...

i love the fact that mary-kate is comfortable enough to dress the way she wants and that is a pretty spectacular jacket but she needs a brush through her hair and a shower.

Those orange sunglasses look like something a 14 year old would wear.