Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lindsay Lohan back on track

I used to love Lindsay Lohan when i was in highschool. She was the quintessential cool chick, with a sky rocketing acting and music career, a sexy bod, a great sense of style and a covetable list of designer goods.

Then along came the excess partying, drinking, drug taking, boys, cat fights, partying mother and ratty friends which all led to her downhill spiral. But a couple of weeks in rehab seems to change all that in Hollywood, with magazine photoshoots, interviews and reality tv shows on top of rehab starletts lists of things to do.

Well one good thing Lindsay has done of late is, dye that ratty blonde hair she loves so much to a more natural brunette, it adds so much more class to her look. Anyways i like her outfit, it's reminiscent of the old Lindsay, but can somebody please buy Miss Lohan a pair of pants???


Kira Fashion said...

i am with you, she used to have a great style, a sext touch and a great beauty...i am happy she is trying to be back again...but i think she didn´t find yet her great style back...even her face, it´s like she is not so stunning as before...
let´s see if she gets better and become to dress gorgeous again ;)

a kiss and a hug,
thanks a lot for posting me!
keep in touch,


Wendy said...

I used to love her too, but not so much anymore. Her style is getting better so props.

Adele said...

i used to love red head lindsey... she looked most beautiful then... i dont like how she always wears leggins lol hopefully shes back on track but i some how dont beleive it till i see another great movie :)

Londyn said...

yes - definitely better but still has a way to go.

Jennifer said...

Def agree on the great style thing! I wish she would let loose a little more...i'm so tired of seeing her in black leggings over and over again!


Pınar said...

leggings leggings leggings
i dont like her anymore
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