Saturday, March 8, 2008

The World on your Shoulders

You would be hard pressed to ignore the influx of designers trying to sell the oversized shoulder through their pieces this season. Balenciaga's architectural designs of Spring 2008 with prominent sturdy shoulders, conjured up thoughts that the 80's shoulder would return in all it's padded glory.

However, this time around, it has shifted away from the shoulders of glass ceiling barrier breakers, to a new form of power in the form of beautifully constructed pieces reminiscent of sculptural work or more oriental influences such as origami art.

In theory, the look is powerful and captivating to watch, however, translating it off the runway and into reality is a harder task-just ask Jennifer Connolley who got a beating by the tabloids for choosing to wear a sculpted Balenciaga dress to a premier.
Since, it's re-emergence, the trend has been seen on seldom few, but this season's emphasis is sure to make it more approachable and perhaps mainstream.


JustBekky said...

I hope it stays in the 80's.
Enough of those disgusting trends have come out in the teen chain stores this year, it's bad enough I have to see ugly 80's gear ever time I go out, this would be the last straw. I'd have to become a stylish hermit.

Shalini said...

Justbekky- i know what you mean. Those teens in high waisted denim cut-offs, multi-coloured fluro tanks, white framed wayfarer sunglasses etc is really annoying but i'm hoping this trend stays classy as opposed to turning into a funky teen 80's rock band look

Carolina Lange said...

Some designer made the trend look amazing, not all of them!

WendyB said...

I like the dress on Jennifer C. At least she was willing to try something new.

Elisabeth said...

I try and look for the good in everything; but big shoulders?

.... never.

Debbie Shiamay said...

I know some people actually LOVED the collection. I didnt feel so strongly about it... though his fall 2008 collection was an improvement for me. Its just not the way i would describe fashion.

ChiliLady said...

Ugh, I hate big shoulders, even if the look is powerful on the runway and everyday life is different. and I think it looks awful on everybody..