Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week: Kirrily Johnston

Kirrily Johnston was a designer brand that seemed to be moving away from the much favoured new rave & 80's styles that were ever so present on Australian catwalks for the last few seasons.

This season, it seemed Kirrily Johnston washed off all that fluro for an almost Calvin Klein clean palette. Stark white sheets draped over grey Prada-esque thigh high socks. The palettes remained simple with whites, greys and black, which for Australian fashion is unusual, as summer is the embodiment of colour for most of the world, particularly Australians.

Neverthless, a lot of the Kirrily pieces were wearable, such as the fuschia party dress which is sure to sell well. Although the theme started off as with a wonderfully African Nomadic vibe, but then faded away into a confusing mix of disco, 80s and Miami beach life. It's as if she was trying mold a new image whilst still holding onto past expectations, that would cater for all.
Either way, the brands new image hinted at the style of Fashion Designer, Victoria Gazinskaya. The looks she wore throughout the Spring Summer 08 Fashion Shows, particularly that at the Nina Ricci Show, has an uncanny resemblance to the looks sported at the Kirrily Johnston. Gazinskaya an unpronounced muse perhaps?

Rosemount Australia Fashion Week: Zimmerman Runway

As some of you may know, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week has landed once again. As per usual nothing has really got me my heart racing. A lot of designers so far have stuck to the familiar and brought with them lashings of street style as opposed to high style.

I expected nothing more nor nothing less from the Spring/Summer 2008 Zimmerman Collection. It was all about Bikinis, bikinis bikinis. Although Zimmerman apparently make great bikinis, i think it is necessary for a designer to showcase pieces with a bit more substance in order to have the privilege of showcasing their collections on a runway.

However, Zimmerman did come up with little paisley dresses perfect for Australian summer days thus satisfying the desires of their beach bum Paris Hilton wannabes, whilst the beautifully designed wide leg pant brought a more mature city feel to the collection and in the process catering for a wider audience.

Monday, April 28, 2008

When the Sweater & the mini met...

In Australia, it's that awkward time of year. Autumn. No matter how long i stand outside or check the weather broadcasts, i never seem to get it right. The day starts off dark, rainy & windy so i wear a pair of jeans, jacket and a scarf, but by the end of the day the heats got me panting for dear life.
Nevertheless, this look that was sported by a attendee at the Ralph Lauren Fall 2008 Fashion Show, seems like a perfect fit for those in between days. The thick woollen jumper paired with an even thicker scarf plays with the delicate proportions of the mini, which remains sexy in a subtle manner. The look can be worn during the day by simply pairing with flats or keep it all vamped up like models strutting down the Richard Chai Runway with fabulous pair of high heeled ankle boots.

Campaign to Carey: Versace 2061 B

All that promotion for her new album seems to have paid off, with E=MC2 selling 436,000 albums in the first week. Mariah Carey is seen her promoting her album at the George V Hotel in Paris wearing a pink leather bomber jacket & a body hugging dress with visible thong lines and all.
She accessorised with her favourite Butterfly rings, M for Mariah necklace (really Mariah is spelt with an M!? Who would have thought...) and a pair of Versace 2061 B shield style sunglasses. These sunglasses were featured on Kate Moss and Carolyn Murphy in the stunning Versace eyewear campaign and needless to say they both looked smoking!

I think Mariah looks pretty good in them as well even when stacked up against these supermodels.
So who wore the Versace 2061 B sunglasses better? Kate, Carolyn or Mariah?

Beckham Likes the Booty

ahhhh you thought no one would notice didn't you Becks?? Here's a picture of David Beckham checking out the bootilicious offerings at yet another Basketball game. He seems to love the curvy types...
Speaking of the curvy types, Victoria Beckham (*cough, cough*) celebrated her 34th Birthday last week with a fine list of celebrities including Eva Longoria, P.Diddy, Katie Holmes & Kate Beckingsale. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise wore sunglasses at night to shield themselves from the harsh UV rays of the moon?? Katie being the loyal friend she is, wore Victoria Beckhams DVB 3 sunglasses.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Designer Bags Now & Forever

Paying $2000+ for a single handbag may be inexcusable to some, considering perfectly fine disposable high street options are available. Yet, those who invest in at least one great quality handbag seem to have a sudden glimmer of glee, when 10 years down the track they realise the rent money they spent buying a frivolous material items, ain't so frivolous now.

At the Fall 2008/2009 Fashion Shows, fashionistas dugout their classic favourites with Chanel's gaining the most attention.
Although Victoria Beckham is not one to miss a mass trend, she has surpassed trendy "it bags" for timeless classics...can anyone say "Hermes"?? VB's got a eye for selecting dateless handbags from the Birkin to her new vintage Chanel and back to her current favourite Giambattista Valli bag.
Whether it be the Fendi Baguette, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Chanel 2.55 or the untouchable Hermes Birkin a classic bag will keep in style even when your daughters have daughters.

Julianne Moore Vogue Paris May 2008

This is why Vogue Paris is on top of them all. Would U.S Vogue have you questioning whether it is socially acceptable to be staring at a 47 year old woman's hoochie area on one of your favourite fashion magazines?

I never fail to be impressed by the covers of Parisian Vogue and that Julianne Moore was a great choice. I can't seem to tear my eyes away, the royal blue clashing with the fierce leopard print and red hair...oh and those jewels...like men looking at cars...makes me want to salivate...

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Choo Choo Chose Choo...

Known for impeccable shoes and handbags, the Jimmy Choo brand has now focused its designer eye on well, eyewear. The new venture has already brought with it a legion of fans in the celebrity domain.
Gwen Stefanie is among the first few celebrities to be seen in the brand. On a family day out with Kingston and her man, Gwen wore a L.A.M.B checked dress and the new Jimmy Choo JJ with coiled snake arms. This pair is one of the most interesting pieces in the collection and it fits Gwen's style to a T.

A month or so ago, Jessica Alba was also seen rocking the same pair. The style is classic but the rope hinges and gold logo stamp adds a twist. This pair retails for $350 and can be bought online at Bergdorf Goodman.

Although the pair Gwen and Jessica chose look great, my favourite from the collection is the Jimmy Choo Lou sunglasses, which are a modern take on the Wayfarer style.

It's a Match!

Back in the day the ever so important rule was to match your shoes to your bag. Fast forward a couple of decades, and now it's all about matching your jeans to your sunglasses!
Recently reality TV star and designer, Lauren Conrad was easily spotted out shopping wearing fire engine red skinny jeans and sunglasses to counter match.
Whilst taking her kids to the park, the queen of coordination, Victoria Beckham, showcased this look. She teamed her bright yellow DvB aviator shield sunglasses with a stunning pair of DvB bootcut jeans in a blinding shade.

Now you don't have to worry about restricting your outfit to one key piece because now you can have two!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paris Hilton at work!

Other than slaving away on weekdays doing Law and Journalism assignments, i work at a handbag store on weekends. For some bizarre reason, our store now stocks, yes, you guessed it, Paris Hilton Handbags!

The handbag company I work for is slowly building a reputation as "grandma's handbag store", with its much older retail assistants and old fashioned designs. Bringing in brands such as Guess, Kathy Van Zealand (who the hell?), Roca Wear and Paris Hilton are all attempts at connecting with the younger generation. What they don't realise is the majority of the younger generation know Paris' history and reputation and well, she's not the celebrity who's handbag you want to be flashing around with pride.

I thought the point of celebrity designers was to create unique items that reflected their own personal style, yet i have never seen Paris Hilton wear bags that reflected the styles she produced. I actually think she has much better taste in personal handbag choices then her designs. Nevertheless, her bags are kind of cute, with most of them designed in old school styles.

I personally wouldn't buy her bags purely because they have that cheaply produced nylon look with a completely overpriced price tag ($200 for Paris?). And to top it all off, the bags have "Paris Hilton" printed all over them in cursive writing.

Anyone Cooler than Kate??

It's no surprise that Kate Moss topped UK Glamour Magazine's best dressed list, as this girl knows how to dress appropriately for each situation.

Kate was seen heading back home to England after days of heavy shopping and playing in California. For her flight back she chose to wear a comfy sea-green tank, indigo bootleg jeans and a pair of trendy fringe Minnetonka Moccassin ankle boots.

She gives off the illusion that she is minimally accessorised but in fact, she accessorised with a white Hermes Birkin bag, polka dot scarf, necktie, cocktail rings and plastic aviator sunglasses.

The only thing i don't get is why she wore sunglasses inside and chose to squint ferociously outside??

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beyonce- Chanel Pimpette of the Week

This is the exact reason why my mother tells me not to wear a truck-load of make-up on a regular basis.

When people get so used to seeing you with your hair-did and your make-up perfected layer upon layer, it's rather bizarre to see you remotely natural, as these pictures of Beyonce in New York demonstrate. Its as if i'm looking at a completely different person.

Although she personally looks like she is trying to hard in this get up, she has chosen a few good pieces. Beyonce wears:

  • Cropped leather biker jacket
  • Chanel fingerless long leather gloves
  • Chanel leather and patent handbag
  • Chanel vintage style wayfarer sunglasses. This pair comes in numerous colours as well as reading glasses, as modelled by Christy Turlington in the latest Chanel eyewear campaign.

I also don't understand why Beyonce can't just wear a simple t-shirt, jeans, heels and rock some cool sunglasses during the day? Is that so hard??? Ok Beyonce, we know you've got money...you just don't need to flash it all the time.

I personally like this pair of 60's inspired Chanel sunglasses for myself...very Nicole Richie-esque isn't it?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Flaring up are we??

Ahhhh it's so freshing to see celebrities embrace the comeback of the 70's flare and bootcut jeans. Although skinny jeans are pretty much her to stay-there is an undeniable feminine quality about flares.

It's re-emergence was seen on international catwalks last year by designers such as Balmain. Thus this season saw an influx of designers pressing for the style to be included in their new collections, and trust fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie to make flaring up look so good.
Pint sized Nicole Richie teamed her faded flares with a loose white tee, wavy hair, oversized vintage style sunglasses and one of her beloved Balenciaga Motorcyle bag. She kept it casual and OOHH so cool.
Still looking ever so posh and polished, Victoria Beckham wore her flares from London to L.A. She wore her own line of DvB jeans and sunglasses and pulled the look together with a rip back sweater, Giorgio Armani oversized tote and nude Louboutin heels.
Then later on she was seen emerging out of a studio in blotch print flares again. Victoria wore them with a beige Marc Jacobs cashmere sweater, Louboutin heels and DvB aviators. She also toted around a lovely oversized Miu Miu patchwork bag on her tiny little arm.
This bag was featured in the Miu Miu campaigns featuring Kirsten Dunst.
If these hot mammas can't make you get back into your flares, then you must be blind.

Would you pay $13,000+ for Boots?

New York Times Magazine recently showcased these Hermes Jumping Boots, with crocodile trim as one of the white hot accessories for Spring.

Unlike Hermes bags which have reached icon status and timeless style, these flat equestrian style boots have along way to come.

Nevertheless, the fact that they are Hermes suggests incomparable quality, use of rare materials and attention to detail, but are a pair of boots worth over ten grand? Surely a pair of Gucci or YSL boots for around $4000 will do the job in the same fine manner?

If you do purchase these Jumping boots, you would certainly have to get A LOT of wear out of them!!

Popstar, Model, Actress...Designer?

Britney Spears seemed to be happy and relaxed lately, as she visited designer Christian Audigier's office early this week.

Christian Audigier is the designer for many brands including Paco Chicano, SMET and Ed Hardy. Britney was there to sample his new Spring collection and take home a few freebies including Ed Hardy T-shirt and sunglasses seen in the picture.

Britney Spears has apparently also voiced interest in designing a line with Christian Audigier, and judging by her performance on How I Met Your Mother, she may have a lot of bottled up talent. This is a book you shouldn't necessarily judge by it's cover.

I don't know whether it's the counseling, or daddy's tough love that's putting a smile on her face, but whatever it is, i hope it's long term.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Malibu Barbie: Kate Moss in California

Kate Moss played her mommy role as she stepped out with her daughter Lila Grace and her friends in Malibu California.

In a casual very Californian style outfit with cut-off short shorts, tee (sans bra) and cardie, she took the kids out for a day at the Markets.

It seems her new Boyfriend, Jamie Hince is a good influence on her life, so much so that, that according to rumours, they're considering marriage.

Posh & Broke love Chanel sunnies- Part 4

Reena Hammer the girlfriend of Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been spotted shading her eyes in the quirky new Chanel 5120 sunglasses.

The same Chanel model was seen on Ashley Olsen at the Chanel 2008-2009 show as well as throughout her stay in Paris. Reena however, has gone for the two-toned frame, which is a unique twist.

Victoria Beckham makes Losing Glamorous

Victoria Beckham would have to be one of the most glamorous Footballer's Wives, in the history of the sport. Victoria Beckham sat VIP, as she watched her man, David Beckham play his 100th cap for England.

She wore a sophisticated Antonio Berardi calf length printed dress in grey and black teamed with a black fur bolero. She accessorised with Louboutin pumps and a Hermes Birkin Bag-both in shades of purple.

Although England lost, the family showed their support by watching the game at Stade de France, followed by dinner at Baccarat Restaurant in Paris, France.

Butt it's Gisele Bundchen!

And this is the reason she's our modern day supermodel. Gisele Bundchen lets it all hang out in a photoshoot shot by Mario Testino in Miami this week.

I find it odd that, not one female assistant on hand to touch up her buttocks...sex object anyone?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Loving...

Katie Bosworth's outfit choices of late. She wore an all black ensemble to the late show with David Letterman including a Chloe dress, a twenty8twelve blazer, printed tights and Louboutin heels.
The same week she stepped out in a gorgeous artsy Dolce and Gabanna dress, lathered in gorgeous florals on a black slate.
Thandie Newtown is a girl born to be stylish. Loving the slick sweater dress with stripped bow tie and bow-accented Mary-Jane heels.
Balenciaga bags are still a favourite of mine including the Balenciaga Giant studded bag which has been seen on the likes of the Parisian fashion set, Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens and friends.