Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anyone Cooler than Kate??

It's no surprise that Kate Moss topped UK Glamour Magazine's best dressed list, as this girl knows how to dress appropriately for each situation.

Kate was seen heading back home to England after days of heavy shopping and playing in California. For her flight back she chose to wear a comfy sea-green tank, indigo bootleg jeans and a pair of trendy fringe Minnetonka Moccassin ankle boots.

She gives off the illusion that she is minimally accessorised but in fact, she accessorised with a white Hermes Birkin bag, polka dot scarf, necktie, cocktail rings and plastic aviator sunglasses.

The only thing i don't get is why she wore sunglasses inside and chose to squint ferociously outside??


jenny h. said...

i just added you to my blog roll :)

WendyB said...

Like that white bag!

Carolina Lange said...

She allways looks cool! I love her style!