Monday, April 28, 2008

Campaign to Carey: Versace 2061 B

All that promotion for her new album seems to have paid off, with E=MC2 selling 436,000 albums in the first week. Mariah Carey is seen her promoting her album at the George V Hotel in Paris wearing a pink leather bomber jacket & a body hugging dress with visible thong lines and all.
She accessorised with her favourite Butterfly rings, M for Mariah necklace (really Mariah is spelt with an M!? Who would have thought...) and a pair of Versace 2061 B shield style sunglasses. These sunglasses were featured on Kate Moss and Carolyn Murphy in the stunning Versace eyewear campaign and needless to say they both looked smoking!

I think Mariah looks pretty good in them as well even when stacked up against these supermodels.
So who wore the Versace 2061 B sunglasses better? Kate, Carolyn or Mariah?