Friday, April 4, 2008

Flaring up are we??

Ahhhh it's so freshing to see celebrities embrace the comeback of the 70's flare and bootcut jeans. Although skinny jeans are pretty much her to stay-there is an undeniable feminine quality about flares.

It's re-emergence was seen on international catwalks last year by designers such as Balmain. Thus this season saw an influx of designers pressing for the style to be included in their new collections, and trust fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie to make flaring up look so good.
Pint sized Nicole Richie teamed her faded flares with a loose white tee, wavy hair, oversized vintage style sunglasses and one of her beloved Balenciaga Motorcyle bag. She kept it casual and OOHH so cool.
Still looking ever so posh and polished, Victoria Beckham wore her flares from London to L.A. She wore her own line of DvB jeans and sunglasses and pulled the look together with a rip back sweater, Giorgio Armani oversized tote and nude Louboutin heels.
Then later on she was seen emerging out of a studio in blotch print flares again. Victoria wore them with a beige Marc Jacobs cashmere sweater, Louboutin heels and DvB aviators. She also toted around a lovely oversized Miu Miu patchwork bag on her tiny little arm.
This bag was featured in the Miu Miu campaigns featuring Kirsten Dunst.
If these hot mammas can't make you get back into your flares, then you must be blind.


Seraphine said...

I think flares make you look a bit taller.
It's all about extending the line.
Besides, if you have a small stiletto or dagger, they can be hidden above just the ankle.
Nobody has to know.
Until you show them.

aschlee said...

yes it definitely seems as if the flares are back AGAIN. Nichole really has that whole "flower child" thing going on; she pulls it off well. Victoria of course I totally agree makes the pants look good... but she always looks good no matter what (seems like they hit the nail right on the head when picking out her spice girl name, lol).

Kira Fashion said...

that kind of pants is good to look taller!

so, let´s use it!

a kiss and a hug,


In Yr Fshn said...

Okay, so this is one of the first times ever that I actually threw myself into a trend. A couple of months back, when I read all the flare stuff going on, I bought a pair of Diesel flares. Wore them once and didn't see them on another soul, so back in the closet they went. Thanks for this post! I feel brave enough to try them again!

Anonymous said...

hmm yes it does seem like the rich and famous are opting for flares and widelegs nowadays...

I think I'm going to stay true to my bootcuts and skinnys though MAYBE the ocassional wideleg... but never flares they are so unflattering on me..

cotton candy said...

ooh...flares... i remember back in my early teenage days - they were the best thing you could possibly buy... and then came skinny jeans... and now flares again?? WOOOT!!!

cassia said...

hah, i love all of richie's balenciaga bags. and her legs look taller than real;>

Shaz said...

@ In Yr Fashion- Yeah it feels weird wearing a completely different style of jeans, when everyone is still wearing the skinny jeans. But think about it this were the trendsetter wearing it months before it got mainstream

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

finally a step away from the skinny pant!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

finally a step away from the skinny pant!

Debbie Shiamay said...

OMG this trend is flying in and out one day after another haha! I think I'll be digging out my flare jeans tmr!

Adele said...

I prefere Nicoles to Victorias i think =] x

aficionada said...

love love love this article and blog!!! (=

jenny h. said...

flares are amazinggg!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. it really means a lot!

i would love to link up with you.
in fact I just put you in my links!

keep checking back and stay in touch.

Carolina Lange said...

I love flares!

.::JoSePhIne::. said...

Vic is a great women, I love her style and she is so beautiful. Maybe a bit crazy, but in fashion surely talented!

-h of candid cool said...

i love the 1st bag victoria is carrying

Anonymous said...

Really loving her fashion , from the flares to her aviators . vintage sunglasses are back in !

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