Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paris Hilton at work!

Other than slaving away on weekdays doing Law and Journalism assignments, i work at a handbag store on weekends. For some bizarre reason, our store now stocks, yes, you guessed it, Paris Hilton Handbags!

The handbag company I work for is slowly building a reputation as "grandma's handbag store", with its much older retail assistants and old fashioned designs. Bringing in brands such as Guess, Kathy Van Zealand (who the hell?), Roca Wear and Paris Hilton are all attempts at connecting with the younger generation. What they don't realise is the majority of the younger generation know Paris' history and reputation and well, she's not the celebrity who's handbag you want to be flashing around with pride.

I thought the point of celebrity designers was to create unique items that reflected their own personal style, yet i have never seen Paris Hilton wear bags that reflected the styles she produced. I actually think she has much better taste in personal handbag choices then her designs. Nevertheless, her bags are kind of cute, with most of them designed in old school styles.

I personally wouldn't buy her bags purely because they have that cheaply produced nylon look with a completely overpriced price tag ($200 for Paris?). And to top it all off, the bags have "Paris Hilton" printed all over them in cursive writing.


Adele said...

nah i wouldnt by her bags either... i dont really like that bag shes holding in the photos either... yeah i know what you mean its not really her style.x

jenny h. said...

i dont like paris hilton.
why would anyone want a bag with her name written all over it?

Fashion Tidbits said...


Sara said...

I don't know who Kathy Van Zealand is either but I've been seeing a lot of its imitation bags around. :o

sarah mendelsohn said...

paris hilton handbags? oh god.

Michelle said...

so you're paying for a knockoff of a prada/gucci/fendi that is "her" style but instead of it saying the label name it says "paris hilton....grrrreat. :(