Thursday, April 3, 2008

Posh & Broke love Chanel sunnies- Part 4

Reena Hammer the girlfriend of Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been spotted shading her eyes in the quirky new Chanel 5120 sunglasses.

The same Chanel model was seen on Ashley Olsen at the Chanel 2008-2009 show as well as throughout her stay in Paris. Reena however, has gone for the two-toned frame, which is a unique twist.


Lydia said...

She's cute, and the glasses are cute. But i Ashley Olsen makes them look really cool, in the other Chanel sunnies post you did.

Karen said...

this sunglasses look very different, it is very round that only famous people can wear. i would be too scared to wear them. i think chanel make best sunglasses.