Friday, April 4, 2008

Would you pay $13,000+ for Boots?

New York Times Magazine recently showcased these Hermes Jumping Boots, with crocodile trim as one of the white hot accessories for Spring.

Unlike Hermes bags which have reached icon status and timeless style, these flat equestrian style boots have along way to come.

Nevertheless, the fact that they are Hermes suggests incomparable quality, use of rare materials and attention to detail, but are a pair of boots worth over ten grand? Surely a pair of Gucci or YSL boots for around $4000 will do the job in the same fine manner?

If you do purchase these Jumping boots, you would certainly have to get A LOT of wear out of them!!


WendyB said...

You know I like snazzy things, but even if I had the money I wouldn't do it. This kind of thing is strictly for the Mideast oil billionaires and Russian oligarchs who can't possibly spend enough money.

Shaz said...

@ WendyB, yes we all know you have a love of good quality pretty designer things, but i think your right. Only those oil heirs and all can look to buying these boots as loose change.

jenny h. said...

thats a ridiculous price for those boots.
they arent even that amazing?

0037sammie said...

I wouldnt put those on my feet if you paid me.

Well, actually...I would, only to stomp in the muddiest puddle possible. And then toss them under the nearest truck.

Anonymous said...

yeah right
you would die for them

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