Monday, May 12, 2008

Weighing in on the Wayfarer

The re-launch of the infamous Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses caused quite the frenzy in Tinseltown- with everyone who was anyone, donning a pair. The style which was first popularized by the incomparably elegant Audrey Hepburn in the 50's and then again in the 80's, which saw Ray-Ban's profit margins sky-rocket thanks to Tom Cruise's Risky Business.

Fast forward more than 20 odd years and Ray-ban Wayfarers have still got it going on and this time around Hollywood starlets including Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Mischa Barton had a lot to do with bringing the trend to a much wider, perhaps younger demographic. We mustn't forget the London Ladies Ala Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Juliette Lewis and Kiera Knightley who were the subtle pioneers of the revival.

It's no mystery why the wayfarer keeps coming back on track wit mini-moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen making it look more than covetable with their cross between artsy Parisian and funky L.A style. On a daily basis the twins kept to the Original Large Ray-Ban Wayfarer ORIG.RB 2140 frame of Tortoise Shell and Black.

The popularity saw Ray-Ban introduce the classic cut in unique hues ranging from dark blue, pink, red, blue marine, military green, brown and orange. Paris Hilton tried to rock the daring white and red, but that best be left to the Chloe Sevigny & Ashley Olsen's of the world-minus the trucker cap.

Ashlee Simpson is one celebrity who whole heartily embraced, loved and made love to her Ray-Bans. Here she is in yet another pair of Ray-Bans. Ashlee wears Ray-Ban Wayfarer II RB 2143, with red bridge and black frame which is the updated two-toned frame.

The Oakley brand quickly stepped up its game when it saw Wayfarers rear their iconic eyes, by re-launched their 1st generation Oakley Frogskin Wayfarers. The vintage Wayfarers have seen the likes of hottie Elisha Cuthbert and Hayden Paniettiere standout summer long in their mirrored lenses. The style which was first introduced for men has seen women swoon and Ebayers in a frenzy to get their final bids in on these limited edition sunglasses.

With anything good, imitations are bound to follow, thus Ksubi introduced the Tsubi Milka Wayfarer to their collection. This has been a popular pair in Australian editorials for alternative fashion magazines and made a fan of Lindsay Lohan. But this fantastic pair have not received the recognition they deserve and failed to prove as popular as the hardcore Tsubi Grille design.

Chloe's small but wonderful sunglasses collection brought out a few wayfarer styles. Including Chloe CL 2144 which has been seen on Mandy Moore of late and is top Australian model Catherine McNeil's favourite pair of sunglasses.
Kate Bosworth and Rihanna have also tapped into the wayfarer look by sporting the Chloe Eyewear. Rihanna wears the unique Chloe CL 2124 wayfarer with slit style arms.

Even Chanel have moved away from their timeless styles to introduce a vintage collection which include fantastically quirky sunglasses including bright eyed green wayfarers as seen on Rachel Bilson last week.

If you love the newly introduced vintage wayfarer by Chanel as seen on Beyonce, but isn't in your eyewear-budget price range, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer II RB 2143 offers a pair in black with gold top bar and arms which were introduced first and look practically the same at only $150.

Lanvin has come into the mix with the Lanvin Key West sunglasses. After being seen on Ashley Olsen, these sunglasses sold out in an instant online at ShopBop and according to sunglasses guru Flashy Shades, the style has already sold out in Barneys.

Blogger FlashyShades has done a fantastic post on the Top Sunglasses of 2008 (which is worth checking out) and Lanvin Key West tops it of course. I heart these sunglasses, but unfortunately living in Australia, Ebay is my only option to access this particular pair, but unfortunately the pair have been significantly marked up by the very few eBay Sellers who stock them.

According to WhoWhatWearDaily, brightly colored frames are the way to go this summer, and thanks to the likes of Luella, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and Ray Ban the wayfarer is the pair to do it in. Always on trend Sienna Miller, has been seen in a beautiful turquoise wayfarer by the brand Super. This colour is perfect to set off a summer tan.

Uffie and Klaxon's guitarist Simon Taylor are also huge fans of the Italian made Super brand.

A very underrated brand in western countries is Persol. They make some very nice Italian sunglasses with high quality materials which have a legion of European followers including the Milan and Paris Fashion set.

Lauren Conrad also donned a pair on her reality tv show. She wore their large wayfarer model, Persol 2849 which comes in two sizes. Christina Ricci has been seen in the smaller pair.

Hollywood have followed suit with Mary-Kate Olsen, Orlando Bloom, Ashley Olsen, Matt Damon, Sharon Stone, Hugh Laurie and Elle McPherson becoming fans.

Ray-Ban's Clubmaster RB 3016 sunglasses, which are a metal take on the classic wayfarer have been so popular that they were used to style all the models at this season's Ellery Fashion Show in Australia. From the Jonas Brothers to the stylish Jasmine Sewell, these gold detailed wayfarers are set to be the next biggest Ray-Ban seller.

Many are still in love with they Wayfarer style sunglasses and are not willing to let them go anytime soon, thus the new styles, sizes and shapes that have been interpreted by many designers has brought a breathe of fresh air to the style which many can delve straight into.

All in all, imitations, knock-off and inspired styles may come and go, but at the end of the day, as all things go, nothing beats the original cut. That's why the Paris and Milan Fashion set, including top models Jessica Stam and Natasha Poly alongside Fashion Director Emmanuelle Alt have stuck to the tried and trusted classic black Ray Ban Wayfarer Orig.RB 2140 sunglasses and a stylish move at that.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cruise by Karl

Checking in & out of hotel rooms, jumping on private jets and nursing a two-year-old are bound to leave bags under those glamorous eyes. Hollywood's leading couple, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes shielded themselves in style throughout their adventures this week.

While Katie Holmes donned classic Roger Vivier Buckle sunglasses, in both black and gradient brown, Tom Cruise led in the fashion stakes, shielding himself in a yet-to-be-realised pair of Karl Lagerfeld KL610S aviators.

Karl Lagerfeld the designer behind Fendi & Chanel is re-launching his eyewear collection alongside Marchon Eyewear and is bound to have a fair few famous fans.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art continued...

Kate Bosworth was one of the very few who chose to wear a shorter dress to the event. She made up for the lack of length with vibrant sequins, block coloured shoes and creative make-up.

I'm always excited to see what Tilda Swinton will rock out in, but i'm not feeling this look. I did like the lace that graced the Prada catwalks, but on Tilda the appeal is some how lost. The Prada lace dress is ok, even though it sits at an awkward length on Swinton, but i like how she always seems to play up her red hair with accessories & make-up that highlight it even more.

Naomi Watts posed on the red carpet in a very red carpet cliche. Long flowing gown, 40's quiff & curl and red lips to compliment the white. She did look very beautiful, but i find it funny how all these celebrities can only associate Star logos with Super Heros hmm...
M&M-Mischa Barton and Margherita Missoni looked like they had fun at the event and also with their outfits. So that deserves credit.

Kate Moss looked FABULOUS! Stella Stella Stella McCartney!! It's never a good idea to wear satin with dozens of flashing lights on you, its going to make you look much larger than you really are, especially when you only gave birth a mere 2 months ago. Love the colour and the matching pumps as well.

Janet Jackson is one of the biggest yo-yo dieters in the world and on this night her figure was good enough to pull of the white Versace dress. I don't care that Donatella Versace has had heaps of plastic surgery because her figure is looking damn HOT! Allegra Versace was modestly dressed in lovely lilac, but it wasn't enough to cover her dainty bones. Her face is looking a lot healthier and more beautiful.

All in all, the Costume Institute Gala brought out the many stylish people, with many looking good, but more effort could have been made to play up the Superheros:Fashion&Fantasy theme, i'm sure the $5000-a-day stylist could have come up with something that is both beautiful, creative and a little risky.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

The Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York was once again a glamorous affair.
I can't help but think how wonderful it would to have Jennifer Lopez as a mum. She seems like the type that loves her loved ones to death and would do anything for her two babies Max & Emme. She's certainly springing back into shape in a flash, she looks like she may even get thinner than her pre-pregnancy weight. They look sooo happy no?

Why am i not surprised Beyonce gown in this style? At least this time she looks as if she can sit and breathe for that matter. The pastel pink is beautiful against her complexion and her hair and make up are so glamorously low key and somewhat unexpected for Beyonce.

Ahhh my girl Katie Holmes! She embodied every little girls fairytale-to grow up and dress like a princess. Only difference is she's already grown up and she's already Hollywood's princess, and this innocently fun outfit looks like a child going through mama's closet and dressing up. I love how the matching red eye shadow made her look luminous rather than drugged up and tired. The clashing blue pumps are perfect.

Rachel Bilson's dress got a lot of negative feedback, because it kind of looks like a Olympic swimming team body suit. I don't mind it too much, it has that Alexander McQueen sleek feel to it, however the bangs in her face is what's really throwing me off, it doesn't really fit with the whole look. Prehaps a swept up slicked look would have flown better in the whole.

Perhaps inspired by wonder women, Christina Ricci's outfit was my favourite of the night. Wasn't she once the cute curvy girl? She seems like she's a dress size smaller at every event.

WOW! How sophisticated does Ashley Olsen look? She's got that mature womanly vibe going on and that smile!! I love the modern cut-out design of Ashley's dress, which contrasts perfectly to Mary-Kate's glitzy vintage glitzy gold number. I love Mr Louboutin's studded oxford shoes too :)

Victoria Beckham lives for this sort of thing. Dressing up, posing and mingling with the best of them. Her white lace dress is extremely sexy and the girls got the body for it. Many thought her make-up was far too severe, but it does work well with her hair and the red lips add colour to an otherwise black and white couple.

Escorted by the likes of Mr Dolce & Mr Gabbana would sure put a smile on your face too. Scarlett Johansson kept to her style of frilly dresses with plenty of cleavage push. I like how she played up the cute factor with the headband and puffy dress as opposed to her usual sex-bomb status, then again an "engaged" women must spare her assets for her one and only leading man. ;)