Friday, June 20, 2008

Ashley Olsen Up or Down!

While some may think that the Olsen's have appalling taste with many referring to them as trolls and bag ladies, but if your one of them...then this blog ain't for you!! If the Olsens are dressed up or down, I'm still mesmerized by their ability to pull of the simplest outfit with such style.
As a big fan of the Olsen twins style, this outfit was no exception. Ashley Olsen was seen in Greenwich Village last week wearing an outfit that was both sophisticated and very sexy. Ashley wore a sheer grey top, Chloe sunglasses and strappy heels teamed an oversized blazer that ended at the same spot where her skirt ended. Mini skirt that is.
This week Ashley Olsen was seen shopping wearing a simple grey button down cardigan, indigo skinny jeans, an oversized bag and a pair of converse style sneakers. Very dressed down and very appropriate for a busy day of more than just window shopping. She kept it slick with a pulled back bun and a chic pair of Chloe sunglasses which she also wore in Greenwich. The model number is Chloe CL 2145 and they're fast becoming my favourite must-have pair.

These can be purchased on Otticanet if you have a spare $300 to spend on sunglasses.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ankles bootied up!

With summer here, knee length boots have been replaced with its shorter cousin, ankle boots. From Keira knightley to Sarah Jessica Parker, the ankle bootie has been teamed with short hemlines to lengthen the leg and give off that real 80's vibe. Although many say that shoes that skim the ankle are far from flattering, these celebrities prove that a myth.

Sienna & Kiera on the Edge of Love...

When you have two of England's hottest young actress in one movie, you can be guaranteed that their premiere outfits will be smashing.
Keira Knightley embodies so much class and sophistication for such a young women, and if your wearing classic Chanel you can't look anything but classy. Sienna Miller chose a contemporary design by Jasmine Di Milo. The fringe dress is very appropriate for this season, with designers such as Balmain edging on the trend. She teamed the dress with skinny jeans, fedora and a Balenciaga Lune clutch bag, which brought a very London vibe to her outfit.
At a photo call for the movie, Keira still kept it lady like yet fresh with lace up booties. Sienna dressed very youthful and fun with a striped dress from her own brand Twenty8Twelve, cardigan, booties and clear framed wayfarer sunglasses from the young brand Benjamin eyewear.
Nicole Richie quickly embraced Benjamin Eyewear and has been seen several times of late sporting their large wayfarer model called 'Kayne' which retails for approximately $330, which is a brand really worth checking out.

Geek is Chic

Last season, L.A's brat pack brought back memories of our favourite classic geek Steve Urkel with their big shades and waist lines on the high rise.
Nicole Richie was really got noticed when she rocked out in massive Kidada for Disney Couture vintage sunglasses and high waist Sass & Bide shorts. And when one starlet wears it, the rest follow. Soon Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson all wore the high cut. However, the preference for high waist shorts didn't stick due to it's ability to make you look like your wearing dorky "mum" shorts.
However, this summer they seem to be resurrecting themselves with the help of the same starlets that brought them in as a trend. It's great to see Lindsay Lohan wearing the same Imitation Of Christ high waist denim shorts that she purchased back in early 2006. Whilst she pulls them off quiet well, Mischa Barton has a lot of explaining to do.
Although high waist shorts are fresh for summer, yellow high waist shorts are something you should definitely steer clear of. Mischa Barton does have very alternative style, which can make you want to copy or cringe from time to time but her satin high waisters are definitely cringe worthy. She has worn high waist styles before and didn't pull them off at all, so if she can't learn from her fashion mistakes, maybe we can learn from hers.

Heidi Montag the bag hag

Love her or hate her, in all honesty Hills star Heidi Montag can whip out really cute outfits from time to time. In summer spirit, half of speidi rocked out a easy breezy grey tank, a fresh pair of bright white high waist shorts, blue Hermes Kelly Bag and matching oversized scarf. Her chic outfit was paired with huge Chanel logoed sandals.
Speaking of Chanel, it seems to be Heidi's brand of choice with her several bags, scarfs and shoes. Although she loves Chanel, she seems to love really obvious Chanel. Big logos, metallic logos and multi logos have stacked up in Heidi's wardrobe.
But that's not hard to do, when Chanel's Resort Collection promoted that bigger the logo the better. With dresses, t-shirts, bags, earrings, necklaces and bracelets coated in crystallised, patent and leather logos of grand stature. Big logo or small logo, you can get me a Chanel bag anyday! ;)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

You Are My Sunshine...My Only Sunshine

To mark the beginning of summer, celebrities say hello in yellow to sunny days and long nights. Rihanna, Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Denise Richards ditched their winter blacks for statement dresses, coats and jackets in bright banana yellow.

For those who aren't really into showing off their sunny side in a top-to-toe ensemble in festive hues, do as Rachel Bilson, Mary-Kate, Hilary Duff,Victoria Beckham and Fergie by adding a single statement making bag or clutch in yellow.

Rachel Bilson wears Dior Babe Shopping Tote in Yellow
Mary-Kate Olsen wears Dior Babe Clutch & Dior Babe tote both in Yellow
Hilary Duff wears JJ Winters Leather Envelope Clutch in Yellow
Victoria Beckham wears Marc Jacobs dress and studded tote bag in Yellow
Fergie wears oversized patent yellow tote

Tyra the new Oprah

Martha, Oprah, Tyra...really? The New York Times Magazine is claiming that Tyra Banks could be the next big female branded self as she transforms from model to actress to talkshow you agree?


I really like Jessica Simpson but that cowboy hat isn't really working for me or Jessica for that matter. Jessica arrived at LAX airport in a full blown cowboy hat, oversized bag and wooden heeled shoes. Jess, I get that your trying to break out into country singing and you want to look the part, but don't lose all your previous pop fans while your at it!

Heidi Montag & Spencer real as they come

If these two were anymore natural we would be bottling them up and preserving them for our future resource needs. Voted as the Most Annoying Couple in Hollywood, The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt headed on a vacation to Mexico with the paparazzi on speed dial.
They had a ball posing, carrying each other, drinking champagne and sharing awkward kisses. Both Heidi and Spencer changed outfits for the "very natural candid shots" in which Heidi slipped into a skimpy white Ed Hardy bikini. I don't understand why anybody would want to wear a bikini with what looks like a floral bomb explosion positioned right at their asshole. It's so sad because Heidi used to be so cute and BFF's with Lauren and now she's nothing but a plastic fame whore slash Spencer's bitch.

They even had to exploit their 15 minutes of fame by doing a fake photo shoot on Mother's Day. Heidi was seen carrying a Hermes Kelly Bag in the photo shoot but I'm not sure if it's authentic, does anybody know? If Hermes let her jump to the front of the line and order a Kelly Bag, then the world is definitely coming to an end.
But you got to admire this couple because if your going to be D-List you might as well do it the old fashioned way...nice and tacky!

Celebs doing the Stripe Tease

Fashion critics may deem horizontal stripes unflattering, but celebs aren't having a word of it! It seems that stripes are here to stay.
Kate Moss was recently seen at an art exhibition in her usual super rock chick look. She paired her striped t-shirt with a black satin blazer and shiny waxed jeans. As Kate gets older, her style style is becoming more polished, refined rocker perhaps.

Where has this girl been? The adorable AM to PM singer Christina Milian was seen leaving Madeos Restaurant on Friday night in one of the hottest looks. The oversized t-shirt with a bandage mini skirt. The style was seen on both Mary-Kate Olsen and Kirsten Dunst, but Miss Milian freshened up the look with Chanel strappy shoes and stripes.

Gwyneth Paltrow was all striped out as she asked for directions in London yesterday. She teamed her mod stripes with this seasons wide leg jeans and raging red Grey Ant Tuff Sunglasses which suit the London scene quiet well. 
Model and Mother of three Heidi Klum was out promoting MacDonald's New Chicken Wrap Range in a smart tailored blazer with stitch detailing, scarlet lips and horizontal stripes. Although i love Heidi and her big mouth, i hate these photos!! Don't promote something you don't eat and make the rest of the world fat while you parade around all hot on the Victoria's Secret runway k??
And I've got proof you ain't be running down to MacDonald's every morning...not an ounce of fat on you in that teeny tiny bikini my dear!

Whitney Port & her Floral Frock

The femininie beauty that is Whitney Port, took a break from filming new episodes of The Hills, to have lunch with a friend earlier in the week. What drew most attention was her flirty floral dress. The bright colour combination is great for summer days, whilst the back of the dress had a structured Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2008 feel to it. She seems a bit uncomfortable in it, as she was pictured constantly trying to stop the dress from riding up her backside.
A lot of people hated the dress, but i think it's kind of sweet...
What do you think...Whitney's dress a hit or miss?