Friday, June 20, 2008

Ashley Olsen Up or Down!

While some may think that the Olsen's have appalling taste with many referring to them as trolls and bag ladies, but if your one of them...then this blog ain't for you!! If the Olsens are dressed up or down, I'm still mesmerized by their ability to pull of the simplest outfit with such style.
As a big fan of the Olsen twins style, this outfit was no exception. Ashley Olsen was seen in Greenwich Village last week wearing an outfit that was both sophisticated and very sexy. Ashley wore a sheer grey top, Chloe sunglasses and strappy heels teamed an oversized blazer that ended at the same spot where her skirt ended. Mini skirt that is.
This week Ashley Olsen was seen shopping wearing a simple grey button down cardigan, indigo skinny jeans, an oversized bag and a pair of converse style sneakers. Very dressed down and very appropriate for a busy day of more than just window shopping. She kept it slick with a pulled back bun and a chic pair of Chloe sunglasses which she also wore in Greenwich. The model number is Chloe CL 2145 and they're fast becoming my favourite must-have pair.

These can be purchased on Otticanet if you have a spare $300 to spend on sunglasses.


Christina Martin said...

Heyy, I totally love Ashley Olsen I have been a fan since a young girl. I also love ur blog! check out mine. I just started it tell me what you think.

ChiliLady said...

hey, thanks for your great comment! i REALLY appreciate those from you becaue I know that you're not a comment-hunter.
and don't worry, there are still tons of pictures of our beloved Kate in my folders ;-) i'm not going to stop soon ;-)

WendyB said...

I love their style -- it's unique!

NICOLE said...

i love ashley olsens style... she dress fairly simple but it always looks soooo chic! now thats talent

Wendy said...

Man, I do love Ashley and MK!


i love how simple her look is and yet how it looks so ... fashionable?! it's crazy though, you would think those sheer shirts would be like 20 bucks at most, but theyre actually like 350!

dennis said...

Dennis is adored by the Olsen Twins.




In Yr Fshn said...

The first outfit is so-so for me, but that second outfit it killer. I love the cardigan!

Carolina Lange said...

They have a great style!
I love the second look!

sarah said...

I looooooove ashley's style, and Mk's too. Any idea who made those shoes, shaz? They're amazing.

Fashion Is Poison said...

so love the 1st outfit

CoutureCarrie said...

It is amazing how long her legs look, and she's barely five feet tall! Just a real fashion darling, always.

Ragamala said...

She's so wonderful! I love Ashley and the way she dresses.

-h of candid cool said...

the sunglasses are quite nice

iñaki said...

Go Olsens, go!
People who think ill of them should be alienated.


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Sinead said...

I've always loved the Olsens!
They're definitely style icons, if not now, in the near future they will be.
I like how they always take risks. :)

Fabulously Fashionable Dawn said...

love love love the Olsen's style both unique in their own way!

Yadira said...

I sooo love me some Olsen twins!

Kira Fashion said...

they are perfect!

a kiss!!

Anonymous said...

god i love these girls


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Sinead said...

Referring to an older post of yours, I wish I could make ankle boots work for me :( It just doesn't happen.

Seraphine said...

ohh here is ashley.
she's still alive.
mystery solved.
yes, i love what she
is wearing too!

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