Thursday, June 19, 2008

Geek is Chic

Last season, L.A's brat pack brought back memories of our favourite classic geek Steve Urkel with their big shades and waist lines on the high rise.
Nicole Richie was really got noticed when she rocked out in massive Kidada for Disney Couture vintage sunglasses and high waist Sass & Bide shorts. And when one starlet wears it, the rest follow. Soon Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson all wore the high cut. However, the preference for high waist shorts didn't stick due to it's ability to make you look like your wearing dorky "mum" shorts.
However, this summer they seem to be resurrecting themselves with the help of the same starlets that brought them in as a trend. It's great to see Lindsay Lohan wearing the same Imitation Of Christ high waist denim shorts that she purchased back in early 2006. Whilst she pulls them off quiet well, Mischa Barton has a lot of explaining to do.
Although high waist shorts are fresh for summer, yellow high waist shorts are something you should definitely steer clear of. Mischa Barton does have very alternative style, which can make you want to copy or cringe from time to time but her satin high waisters are definitely cringe worthy. She has worn high waist styles before and didn't pull them off at all, so if she can't learn from her fashion mistakes, maybe we can learn from hers.


The Glam Slam said...

Mischa used to always dress so well! What happened?! The high-waisted is refreshing but she definitely takes it too far.

sarah said...

I think lindsay lohan just looks awkward in them! but I am glad the high waist is in! I loved them ever since audrey hepburn in Sabrina!

Rich Hippie said...

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