Sunday, June 1, 2008

Heidi Montag & Spencer real as they come

If these two were anymore natural we would be bottling them up and preserving them for our future resource needs. Voted as the Most Annoying Couple in Hollywood, The Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt headed on a vacation to Mexico with the paparazzi on speed dial.
They had a ball posing, carrying each other, drinking champagne and sharing awkward kisses. Both Heidi and Spencer changed outfits for the "very natural candid shots" in which Heidi slipped into a skimpy white Ed Hardy bikini. I don't understand why anybody would want to wear a bikini with what looks like a floral bomb explosion positioned right at their asshole. It's so sad because Heidi used to be so cute and BFF's with Lauren and now she's nothing but a plastic fame whore slash Spencer's bitch.

They even had to exploit their 15 minutes of fame by doing a fake photo shoot on Mother's Day. Heidi was seen carrying a Hermes Kelly Bag in the photo shoot but I'm not sure if it's authentic, does anybody know? If Hermes let her jump to the front of the line and order a Kelly Bag, then the world is definitely coming to an end.
But you got to admire this couple because if your going to be D-List you might as well do it the old fashioned way...nice and tacky!


fashion* CHALET said...

such attention whores, they are made for each other (he gets uglier as she gets plastic-er)

Kristen said...

thats deff a real hermes bag but its the kelly bag not the birkin thats prob why you dont think its a real birkin. plus she is carrying a HUGE hermes bag in one of the pictures..but that entire photo shoot is so fake! ill give you that

dennis said...

Dennis thinks hermes just loaned her the bag for the shoot. Nice bouquet of roses and bells of Ireland -- the stylist must have called a high-end florist too.

Anonymous said...

LOL did you write this for the mag i read it in a whileee ago- its so funny i cant stop laughing at how ridiculous they both look! good blog :)

Anonymous said...

I doubt they loaned her a bag she has other hermes bags man she spends a lot for a reality tv stars but thats her biz if she wants to look good props to her. But Hermes doesnt loan stuff especially to reality stars

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