Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sienna & Kiera on the Edge of Love...

When you have two of England's hottest young actress in one movie, you can be guaranteed that their premiere outfits will be smashing.
Keira Knightley embodies so much class and sophistication for such a young women, and if your wearing classic Chanel you can't look anything but classy. Sienna Miller chose a contemporary design by Jasmine Di Milo. The fringe dress is very appropriate for this season, with designers such as Balmain edging on the trend. She teamed the dress with skinny jeans, fedora and a Balenciaga Lune clutch bag, which brought a very London vibe to her outfit.
At a photo call for the movie, Keira still kept it lady like yet fresh with lace up booties. Sienna dressed very youthful and fun with a striped dress from her own brand Twenty8Twelve, cardigan, booties and clear framed wayfarer sunglasses from the young brand Benjamin eyewear.
Nicole Richie quickly embraced Benjamin Eyewear and has been seen several times of late sporting their large wayfarer model called 'Kayne' which retails for approximately $330, which is a brand really worth checking out.


Sarah said...

Keira looks unearthly in both photos, but Sienna looks absolutely HORRID in that fringy dress thing. That was a very, very bad choice. In the second photo, she's dressed a little better, but her outfit really resembles one of my mom's. In the 80s.

sienna = yuk.

Terren said...

you nailed it. sienna's outfit could be summed up in two words as "london vibe".

really feeling keira's outfit. gorgeous.

alex said...

I love Keira's look on the firt photo! Perfection...

Debra said...

omg i love all the looks in this post. I like siennas, i like keiras and i especially like nicole richies sunglasses :D

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