Sunday, June 1, 2008

You Are My Sunshine...My Only Sunshine

To mark the beginning of summer, celebrities say hello in yellow to sunny days and long nights. Rihanna, Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Denise Richards ditched their winter blacks for statement dresses, coats and jackets in bright banana yellow.

For those who aren't really into showing off their sunny side in a top-to-toe ensemble in festive hues, do as Rachel Bilson, Mary-Kate, Hilary Duff,Victoria Beckham and Fergie by adding a single statement making bag or clutch in yellow.

Rachel Bilson wears Dior Babe Shopping Tote in Yellow
Mary-Kate Olsen wears Dior Babe Clutch & Dior Babe tote both in Yellow
Hilary Duff wears JJ Winters Leather Envelope Clutch in Yellow
Victoria Beckham wears Marc Jacobs dress and studded tote bag in Yellow
Fergie wears oversized patent yellow tote


Kira Fashion said...

i really love yellow!!!

a kiss!!

ellie said...

Yellow is a must this summer.

Cool blog.

Dollfaced Rebel said...

I love yellow, wow I didn't notice how many people were wearing yellow clutches. If worn correctly it can be the perfect trend.

maureen said...

heyy looove the blog come visit mine mwaaah

fashion* CHALET said...

thanks for your comment!~ i like your blog too, by the way...


i love all of the yellow, i have so much yellow in my closet and i love how just a little bit of it adds so much!

iƱaki said...

So far, they've managed to keep it under control. Hope it stays that way, because yellow out of control is hideous. I love Rihanna's jacket and de yellow Dior bag.


That Girl said...

Fabulous examples of what i think is the seasons hottest color!


ChiliLady said...

yellow can look fantastic like on these celebs, but the wrong tone, and you look like a dumbass.

Carolina Lange said...

I love yellow! Those are great pics! The yellow bag is so cute!

Wendy said...

Yellow is such a hard color to pull off in a full outfit. But a little clutch is a nice accessory.

Sinead said...

Oh I love yellow!
And I'm really glad not everyone is playing it safe with boring muted mustard tone too. This just brightens my whole day.

Love the blog!

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