Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Agyness Deyn having a Fashion Stroke

Not to many models are lucky enough to evolve from covergirl to celebrity but Agyness is well on her way. And why not? She is one of the most sought after models of recent times, singer and dating a singer, Albert Hammond from The Strokes.
However aside from her superb editorials and campaign shoots, Agyness popped on the fashionista's pedistool thanks to her quirky and individually adrogynous style. However of late, the more she tries to stand out, the more i wish she didn't. I normally like a lot of her outfits, but the pinafore with matched up red bag, scarf, socks and converse sneakers isn't one of my favourites outfits but i guess if your famous you can get away with anything right?


WendyB said...

I think she always looks cute and different, even when the outfit doesn't really appeal to me.

Christina said...

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D-andelion said...

I don't like her hair, but her style is amazing and very unique!

iƱaki said...

She's too cool. I love that she's pretty much wearing red every day!


sydneydoll said...

everyone has copied her hair style.

i want those converse.

ZuKi said...

I like her!Yep...I don't really like her style's nice that she's not mad about GLAMOUR like all hollywood stars!

0037sammie said...

I am all for quirk and individuality, but this is stupid. Why, oh why would anyone put together such a monstrosity?

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