Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tie Dye, not dying down

The catwalks advocated and the celebrities reciprocated by wearing this seasons essential tie dye trend.
Tie dye has been flooding the floors of all our favourite high street stores and has become a summer staple. It's 60's, it's carefree and oh so cool.
Many stars have been seen rocking including Fergie, Mischa Barton, Rachel Bilson and even Miss Sensibility Hayden Pannettiere got in on the trend and wore a loose lavender tank.

But as always, Nicole Richie made casual look captivating. As she strolled through New York City with baby Harlow, she wore a black, salmon, grey combination tank top with Abercrombie and Fitch 'Nicolette' distressed frayed denim shorts and classic Ray Ban Large Metal II RB 3026 gold frame sunglasses. The plaited belt and hair added to the hippie vibe. But nothing beats a chilled Starbucks and a gorgeous baby!


Savvy Mode SG said...

i am digging ombre purple/berry pieces now.

sydneydoll said...

it's weird to think how they have come back into fashion.
considering how much people disliked them when they first went out.
they vowed they would NEVER be back in fashion.

Merlin Silk said...

And I wonder what we can do to get all these celebrities to wear tie-dye 2.0 - - - what you have not heard about that?
Guess I have not done my job well enough then - well then, it's the traditional mudmee tie-dye finally brought into the west and made available by us - and here is the pitch - or spam, however you see that - tie-dye - mudmee - tie-dye 2.0 - art you wear.

AlicePleasance said...

Love Nicole Richie's outfit and hairdo :-)

in the know said...

Wow, nicole looks like a million bucks, forreals, and she happens to be holding a million dollar baby as well :) very cute

Wendiva said...

i love tie-dye...i have a long dress of the print, it's the hippie in me. all these celebs look great!!

Seraphine said...

you don't want to be too dressy carrying a baby, but nicole makes dressing down look stylish. i like the belt with the flipflops and sunglasses. and harlow looks cool too!

WendyB said...

I had a tie-dyed sweater years ago. Sadly it looked like someone hurled on me.

Shaz said...

@ wendyb - hahaha i didn't know tie-dye had the potential to look like that, but i better keep it in mind when if i buy any new pieces. said...

the nicole's baby is soo adorable cute!

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