Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Victoria & David Flash their Excess!

Victoria Beckham flashed her money during her son's soccer game this week. She dressed to the nine and halves in a Prada print dress, classic Orange Hermes Birkin bag, DvB sunglasses and Jimmy Choo high heel sandals.
Her outfit gave me instant deja-vu to late 2007, when Victoria wore the exact same outfit as she headed out of Heathrow Airport with her Spice Girl pal Melanie Brown.

While Victoria was flashing her designer goods in one direction, David Beckham showed off his $600,000 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead coupe, as he picked his children up from school. He was also escorted by two security vehicle. Ahhh to be a Beckham!


chineric said...

in fairness, I love the Prada dress! hi just found your blog!

ZuKi said...

yeah, I think David has overtried...
But Viki...really identic outfit...but simple people do the same thing every day and for anyone it doesn't matter... maybe we should look on stars as on simple people?:)

Eeda said...

Poor us, who had to grow up being driven around after school in beat-up 5-year-old cars! *sob*

Hellooo. First-time reader of your fab blog. Loved it so much, I had to link it to mine (

Diana Coronado said...

She always stunning !!

iƱaki said...

It's good to know that Victoria recycles outfits once in a while.


Sydneydoll said...

i completely agree
they are SUCH attention seekers
i dont really mind victoria, but i think it may be because i feel so sorry for her.

she is so insecure and its so obvious.

the problem is that both david & victoria were really poor (him especially).
yes she had a rolls royce when she was younger but neither has any class.
they do try really hard but they just can't lose their background.

like how britney will always be 'white trash'

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