Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Celebrity Sunglasses: Katie Holmes Sunglasses

Working her way up the fashion icon ladder, Katie Holmes is proving to be the new face of low key glamour spruced up with first class designer brands. From her choice in Chloe bags and Chanel coats, it is no wonder she is the new one to watch.
Her choice of great sunglasses isn't lacking either. Mrs Katie Holmes-Cruise has been seen in an array of sunglasses recently, with oversized styles being a favourite. In New York, Katie has been shading herself from paparazzi flashes with a unique pair on Balenciaga Bal 00333/S sunglasses. These sunglasses are a plastic frame, with another metal frame wrapped around the top of the lenses which work their way out and act as the arms of the sunglasses. A hard style to pull off due to its narrower size, so definitely try before you buy.
This week Katie was seen wearing the new Dolce and Gabbana 2050 B sunglasses. These sunglasses are a large round rimless style with a refreshingly discreet Swarovski crystal DG logo on the sides, perfect if your after a vintage look.
The exclusive Oliver Peoples range has fast become popular with many celebrities and Katie is sporting the new Oliver Peoples Sofiane Sunglasses. These sunglasses are of the highest quality featuring suspended metal which gives off the illusion that the internal wire is floating. These sunglasses have also been seen on Tori Spelling, Claudia Schiffer, Christina Aguilera and Kate Beckinsale.
Lastly, Katie has been wearing the classically styled Michael Kors 526 sunglasses in dark navy. The sunglasses which were first made popular by Angelina Jolie and were later seen on Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba and have finally made their way on this pretty face. These are beautifully crafted sunglasses with crocodile skin pattern arms and a small Michael Kors logo plate on the sides. Simple and truly beautiful.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wide as wide can be

Although Skinny jeans have become somewhat of a staple, it seems that celebrities are pushing the calf cinching style to the back of their wardrobes for the time being.
Celebrities are bringing back 70's Flare and boyfriend style jeans as advocated by the catwalks. Ashley Tisdale was in Rome attending the 3rd Rome International Film festival wearing an on-trend blue floral tank top paired with a grey leather jacket and some refreshing wide leg pants.
Always the one to stay on top of the trend, Victoria Beckham launched her Fall 2008 DvB collection at Jade's in Dusseldorf Germany recently and added shape to her twig like frame with a pair of kicking flares.
Making one of her rare appearances, Jessica Biel, alongside Ashley Tisdale attended the 3rd Rome International Film Festival. She wore a smart silvery grey pant suit that was a nod to the man style trend. Her wide leg pants were perfect for hiding a pair of sky-high heels which made her look that much more statue-esque.
Lauren Conrad whose life revolves around filming her reality TV show, partying and shopping had the time to do a little outfit shopping for her recent appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. She rocked up wearing a nicely put together outfit which consisted of a white Yaya top, Mike&Chris leather jacket, Chanel bag and a Saks studded belt as seen on Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City movie. However her black bellowing trousers were the true statement as to the direction of womens wear for the next few seasons.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ripped and Torn but Still Worn

While most of you are beginning to rug up in your cashmere sweaters and leather jackets, down under we can't take them off fast enough. Every summer, the staples are pulled out of our wardrobes, daisy dukes, chaotic print dresses and 70's inspired boho tops.
While Maxi dresses may have been a girly alternative for some, distressed denim shorts really stood out in the sunlight. Kate Moss has taken a shine to more vintage looks with light washed denim whilst on vacation at Ibiza.
A very buxom Scarlett Johansson was seen about town sporting what some have referred to as her mum shorts. Definitely not sexy but these high-waisted frayed shorts go perfectly with her quirky vintage style.Although these famous twins try to be as individual with their style as possible, you can't help but be influenced by those around you. Both Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen were seen indulging in a cancer stick or two outside their New York City apartment wearing frayed hem shorts with matching trilbys and oversized shirts.
Nicole Richie looked cute as a button wearing in her purple Indian boho shirt, Siwy denim shorts and black Moccasin Ankle Stomper boots. She topped off her look with oversized vintage sunglasses and Chanel bag.
Ashley Tisdale's recently wore home made cut-off shorts with the seasons must have plaid shirt and fringe gladiator sandals. She bought out the classics with a monogram Fendi Spy bag and Ray-Ban 3025 sunglasses.
Love her or hate her, Kirsten Dunst wears what she wants when she wants. The super rich 20-something-old was seen buying off the $5 Sale Rack at a local H&M store wearing a printed oversized t-shirt, black calf-length boots with a vintage bag and green Chanel wayfarer sunglasses.
We were lucky to see Victoria Beckham at least once this summer without being dressed to the nines. Showing off her fantastic pins in turn-up frayed shorts she paired them with an easy fit black t-shirt, large dVb aviator sunglasses, Haviana flip-flops and a leopard print Marc Jacobs tote.
Then we've got Mary-Kate Olsen doing what she does best, making some cringe and fashion magazines glee. She paired her cut-off shorts with a sheer black and white pussy bow shirt and flat knee high gladiator sandals. She accessorised with black bracelets, a Rosary bead necklace and Cutler and Gross sunglasses.