Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Celebrity Sunglasses: Katie Holmes Sunglasses

Working her way up the fashion icon ladder, Katie Holmes is proving to be the new face of low key glamour spruced up with first class designer brands. From her choice in Chloe bags and Chanel coats, it is no wonder she is the new one to watch.
Her choice of great sunglasses isn't lacking either. Mrs Katie Holmes-Cruise has been seen in an array of sunglasses recently, with oversized styles being a favourite. In New York, Katie has been shading herself from paparazzi flashes with a unique pair on Balenciaga Bal 00333/S sunglasses. These sunglasses are a plastic frame, with another metal frame wrapped around the top of the lenses which work their way out and act as the arms of the sunglasses. A hard style to pull off due to its narrower size, so definitely try before you buy.
This week Katie was seen wearing the new Dolce and Gabbana 2050 B sunglasses. These sunglasses are a large round rimless style with a refreshingly discreet Swarovski crystal DG logo on the sides, perfect if your after a vintage look.
The exclusive Oliver Peoples range has fast become popular with many celebrities and Katie is sporting the new Oliver Peoples Sofiane Sunglasses. These sunglasses are of the highest quality featuring suspended metal which gives off the illusion that the internal wire is floating. These sunglasses have also been seen on Tori Spelling, Claudia Schiffer, Christina Aguilera and Kate Beckinsale.
Lastly, Katie has been wearing the classically styled Michael Kors 526 sunglasses in dark navy. The sunglasses which were first made popular by Angelina Jolie and were later seen on Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba and have finally made their way on this pretty face. These are beautifully crafted sunglasses with crocodile skin pattern arms and a small Michael Kors logo plate on the sides. Simple and truly beautiful.


WendyB said...

There's something very aging about her current 'do. She's just not carrying it off, in my opinion.

Sarah said...

Her "looks" are all so boring :(

Carolina Lange said...

I love her choices of sunglasses, they are all beautiful. My favourites are the Oliver People's.

Elle said...

Oh, do you know what caught my eye most of all? In the second set of pics, the giraffe plush! Tee hee!

As for the *sunglasses* - I like the Michael Kors ones the best. :0)

MR style said...

wonderfull glasses yeah :)

Charlotte said...

I like her glasses, i think they just suit her so good.

Seraphine said...

my glasses are prescription, so i'm jealous of anyone who can walk around in a different pair of sunglasses everyday. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

The Balenciaga style # is 0033/s

Beyonce Knowles 3 Sunglasses said...

wow, she's cool.. I'm sure she had a lot of sunglasses and it's her collection

Anonymous said...

Oversized frames suit her to a T. She needs a pair of these - http://www.popularglasses.com/Women/Sunglasses/Chanel/Women_4159_13487.asp

Eric said...

She looks great in all of these sunglasses, but the Oliver Peoples are by far my favorite. I really like those.

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