Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angelina Jolie Little Black Closet

Before we start, let me start by saying that i do agree that black outfits are very chic. Simple, flattering and easy to put together. However seeing Angelina Jolie in black ensembles day after day for the last 2 years is making me wonder whether she is trying to cement this as her own unique look.

But seriously with a face that gorgeous and a body that could make cling-wrap look divine one should take advantage of their god given beauty and the variation the designer world as to offer.


Sarah said...

she's lovely, but all black all the time is just so boring :(

Carolina Lange said...

I get your point! And I agree with you!

-h said...

i really really like what angelina wears, simple, and i think the way she dresses other moms can relate to.

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