Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Posh Peepers: Gucci Studded Sunglasses

Gucci's most recent collection saw lanky models slithering down the runway in fringe, leather, velvet and stud detailed attire. It was a cross between the 70's carefree bohemian and the ultimate rock and roll groupie. This feel has been transferred to Gucci's new eyewear collection. Adornments including gold horse bits, metal bows and studs have been creatively placed to heighten the rock star feel.
The direction seems to be working in Gucci's favour as many celebrities have been seen in Gucci's new eyewear collection including High School Musicial Star, Ashley Tisdale. The 23 Year Old was seen wearing Gucci GG 3037 s aviator. It's a sturdy plastic aviator with glamorous gold studded temples. It's a very cool easy going pair that is recommended for those who want that extra BAM to their look.
Gwen Stefani is never one to shy away from bold styles. This week she was seen wearing a new pair of Gucci GG 3039 s. It is an oversized shield style that well definitely have you standing out.
Both Ashley Tisdale and Gwen Stefani's sunglasses can be purchased authentically at the professional sunglass site Otticanet for US $230.


Anonymous said...

Gwen style is actually the 3039/s, not 3309/s as stated.

Shaz said...

Hi Anonymous, sorry typo!

thanks for letting me know :)

Serengeti Sunglasses said...

Both Ashley and Gwen are my favorites. They have their own style and class.

Eric said...

I love the studded sunglasses. They both look incredible in them, and classy at the same time. Very nice.

Anonymous said...

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