Sunday, May 3, 2009

Beach Style: Lindsay in Maui

Within a decade, Lindsay Lohan has gone from being a child star, to rising star to tabloid fodder. With a stage mum, psychotic dad and bitter ex-girlfriend to deal with, Lindsay's life is all a bit Bold and the Beautiful. And what better way to get away from the drama then jetting off to Maui, Hawaii?
Lindsay Lohan & Co, which included her sister Aliana, were seen wearing nothing more than itsy-bitsy bikinis and oversized sunglasses as they relaxed in the Hawaiian sun. LL was seen in numerous different bikinis in a short space of time, including a Vix Amalfi bikini in Navy Stripe.
Later on, she was seen maxing out her Black American Express credit card at the local Fendi Boutique. She was right on trend wearing PRPS denim cut off shorts in Splatterpop with a one piece monokini style swimsuit adorned with fringe detailing around the bust.
The one piece, monokini and cut-away swimsuit was seen all over the 2007 designer runways from Chanel to Hermes and now it's finally making a mark in mainstream fashion. LL is wearing this fringe LSpace 'One Love' Swimsuit with Gucci 1813 aviator sunglasses.
Lindsay also wore a black and white striped bikini top wit black bottoms in order to let her Pink Gucci Abbey tote bag stand out. She paired it with wayfarer sunglasses and a bottle of "fruit juice", probably mixed with Vicodin...i kid.