Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victoria Beckham Top Fansite Shuts Down

One of the highest rated, most viewed and up to date Victoria Beckham blog is shutting down. The Blog owner, Vlada who also writes for other fashion websites has stated on her blog that she "fallen out of love with Victoria's style, which is the reason I fell in love with her so long ago. I can no longer support her, so it would be unfair to continue this blog."

This came as a shock to many, as this site would never say a bad word about Victoria no matter how bad her outfit, clothing collection or excessive behaviour is. Many comments on the site also stated that Victoria Beckham's move to the U.S has prompted her to act like a fashion victim, by making sure she has the biggest Hermes Bag collection, the most expensive Jackets and the most expensive celebrity fashion collection. Others said that everything she does seems to be calculated, fake and revolves around shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Regardless, i still love Victoria Beckham to bits!


WendyB said...

Odd! Doesn't seem to me she's changed much. The Balmain jackets seem tame next to, say, the big purple throne she sat on when she got married!

Charlotte said...

Vicky's dress for the MET gala must have been the reason ;)

Belle Du Jour said...

love your blog! Vic is scaring me latley
come stop by mine to say hello and have a look around.

xx Belle

Jenny H. said...

i love victorias style.
even though it is not personally how i would dress.
she still is very inspiring.

Carolina Lange said...

I don't like her style much!


In fact, I love and hate all that she wears...sometimes she does it right, but almost all the time she does it wrong.

I only enjoy her classic looks...whe she tries to be fashion it became a disastrer...

uniquestyle said...


MICHELE3 said...

I love Victoria..She has great style and probably the only woman i know who can pull off any hairstyle and look fabulous with it..

the muse said...

sad to hear that. i kind of agree with her opinion about the consumption...but that is why we love her right???

zuki said...

I love VB's style...just love to watch it and try sometimes some similar details. Maybe she's fake...I don't care...who cares? Really, its her attitude, not my business:P

Seraphine said...

i'm glad my friends aren't as cruel and mean as some of V's supposed fans. i hate that kind of backbiting.
you either like someone, or you don't. even if you don't, it's uncool to say petty things about another person.
it's like being in high school again.

-h said...

victoria circa 2003 is style a huge inspiration to me style wise. and she has always been my favorite spice! i dont really care for the way she dresses now, too "fashion victim" but i still think she is fabulous with a great sense of humor. i dont get why people are so mean about her, its not like she's one of the celebs getting out of cars w/ no underwear, or going in and out of rehab for attention.

Anonymous said...

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