Friday, June 19, 2009

Balmain Jeans worth the Green.

Balmain jeans have hit the fashion circuit like there's no tomorrow. Well, for some of you interested in a pair of the french fashion house's denim, there may be no tomorrow, as the jeans are flying off the rack at record speeds.
Christophe Decarnin's designs were first seen on Paris' fashion elite including Vogue's Fashion Director, Emmanuelle Alt, top model Natasha Poly and mini pop sensation Kylie Minogue. Now they've made their way across the pond and have been seen on the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Ellen Pompeo, Nicole Richie and Kate Moss.

The appeal of Balmain jeans comes from their worn and torn "lived in" look which gives them that extra edge which designer Decarnin constantly aims for. However, the fact that these jeans are constantly sold out isn't the only reason they are so difficult to obtain. Some have scoffed at the US $2000 + price tag which might also act as a deterrent. No matter how you feel about this look and price tag, Balmain jeans are the hottest investment of 2009.


WendyB said...

I think about a million bloggers have already DIY'd this look! Right?

Prem Kumar /CEO/ India Knitwear said...

its tremendous!!!

zuki said...

I really love this look, especially on VB, but I agree with WendyB,DIY is the better way:) At least, for me:P

sophie said...

couldn't agree more. balmain is the official brand of 2009!

Nataliexxx said...

Just blog cruisin'...and I stumbled upon the little treasure that is yours! Glad I did, it's definitely about something <3

Been going through your posts and I love your honesty.

P.S - I've added your blog to my blog list :-)

Much love

Anonymous said...

I recently stubbled across this blog and absolutely loved it. Only to find that the recent blogs are so far and few in between. Visiting is just such a disappointment. I hope she'll post more...

iñaki said...

I did a similar post not long ago. Love the Balmain jeans...


MICHELE3 said...

i love the jeans..of course i could never afford to buy them..however i do have a pair of jeans that are similiar..and i love them...I was actually wearing them one night at a party and some guy pulled out a $20 bill and told me to go buy a new pair of jeans..I was like

Aubrey Mayne said...

You can get these style in more affordable versions on in Rockstar Denim. They are super cute...and don't have to cost as much as a car.

Anonymous said...

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