Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pleasantly Pregnant: Richie & Casta

There seems to be something lurking in Hollywood's water supply as many celebrities have been falling pregnant or giving birth recently. It may be the water or it may be another trend to see who stacks up the most amount of children in the shortest amount of time. Either way, Moms-to-be Nicole Richie and model Laetitia Casta seem to be blissfully enjoying their pregnancies as they proudly show off their burgeoning baby bumps while frolicking on the beaches of Malibu and Tuscany respectively.
Laetitia kept her beach look classic pairing a brown bikini with a pair of classic Chanel 5102 Sunglasses. While Nicole did what she does best-accessorise! Miss Richie wore a simple black boy-leg style bikini with a long purple printed headscarf. Never to be seen without her oversized sunglasses, she chose to wear a pair of Thierry Lasry Jalouzy 111 sunglasses in a scarf-clashing print of red, white and black.
Even though I'm a big fan of Nicole Richie's style, I prefer Laetitia Casta's simple style at the beach. Regardless, they make pregnancy look like a walk in the park as they frolic freely around the beautiful beaches.

Posh Trend: The Blazer & The Dress

When it's not quiet hot enough to wear a dress on it's own, what does a bony celebrity do in order to prevent goose bumps while wearing their itty bitty designer dresses? Put a chic blazer on of course. Recently many celebrities including socialites Olivia Palermo and Kim Kardashian have been taking the modest approach to dressing by wearing slim fitting blazers over cocktail dresses.
While where on the topic of socialites, Laguna Beach's Kristen Cavallari, along with Britain's finest Kate Moss have been pairing inexpensive yet awesomely printed Topshop summer dresses with classic black blazers. The look isn't revolutionary but it's definitely classy and makes wearing one dress twice as fun the second time around.

Victoria Beckham's New Sunglasses Collection

It may be odd to see Victoria Beckham in a pair of sunglasses that are not from her very own dVb sunglasses collection, but recently Victoria has been promoting English eyewear label, Cutler and Gross by wearing a stunning pair of Cutler and Gross 0811 sunglasses.

Cutler and Gross have accepted to work along side Victoria in order to create a fresh new line of sunglasses for her 2009-2010 Victoria Beckham eyewear collection. I seriously cannot wait, VB is absolutely amazing at whatever she does.

As for the Cutler and Gross 0811 sunglasses, Nicole Richie and Ashlee Simpson have both been seen in this pair as well.